Ghosts at Hillside Cemetery in Redlands

I live in Yucaipa, and in high school when we were bored we would head down to Redlands and drive around and what not. and few friends and I got into the habit of going to prospect park and other "haunted" places. I swear this story is completely 100% true with no fabrication what-so-ever.

Just a random night meeting up with a few friends, deciding on what to do. A friend suggested bowling, so Empire Bowl it was. By this time we'd met up with some girls, and of course, we boys began talking about "scary" places to go. Wouldn't you know it about 10 of us rolled up to hillside.

It was pretty easy getting in, and while we all started heading to the center of the cemetery, a friend and I both had to use the restroom, and proceeded to urinate on a couple trees. I can't explain this at all, but no sooner did I began to pee the tree which was previously in front of me is now behind me, im falling, and I hear my friend scream.

I immediately looked for the cause of my fall, and nothing obvious, while my friend assures me he saw someone push me. We hurry and catch up to the group and proceed to tell them our experience before being hushed to listen to the voices and whispers we're all now hearing. We sat on some steps until about 2 am listening and looking. While walking out (the sun is now about to come up) we walked past the trees my friend and I were urinating on, and both of us stopped dead in our tracks, there was a name on a headstone near the tree I was urinating on that read "Tripp." that headstone had never been there before or after that night, but we all saw it, and I do not know how to explain it.


The only thing better would have been a marker reading "Nopee". :) Good story, though.

About what time did you enter the grounds- and from which road (Alessandro/W.Sunset)? I assume you were on foot? I will check the burial registry to see if that name is on it. You have my interest-NO, I'm not affiliated with Hillside except to own & visit property & graves there.

There are in fact 4 "Tripps" interred there-all in the older blocks (no burial dates found just yet). This is getting to be very interesting! Seems the "original occupants" are possibly being protective or playful...

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