The Ghost Town Above Rancho Cucamonga

While walking along my favorite walking trail today I got bored and took a left-turn off the electrical line service road and stumbled upon quite a surprise!  A complete little ghost town, or "ghost neighborhood"!

This this little ghost town is in the hills above Rancho Cucamonga, a few miles north and just east of Los Osos High School, about midway between the North Etiwanda Preserve on the East and the dam/spillway above Milliken Avenue on the West.  I have walked this trail literally 200 or more times in the last few years and had no idea these old houses or structures were here!  Because they sit low in the canyon you have to be above them to get a view, although I have been to the top of both the Milliken Avenue Dam/spillway and the Day Creek Dam and still never saw them.

The structures appear to be either houses or maybe some sort of old Ranger type stations or perhaps some kind of buildings related to water collection efforts for Rancho Cucamonga from over 70 years ago.  I found three structures (took pictures of two of them) and when looking at the area using the Google Maps for this post, I spotted what might be a fourth building hidden in the brush and several more structures to the south.

What I call "structure #1" is the most interesting.  It's nothing more than a fireplace, but it has a stamp that reads "Built For CG.1346 CCC F.L. Graves 1934".  I was not able to find anything on the internet about "F.L. Graves", but I am assuming that the "CCC" is for "California Conservation Corp".  The date leaves no guessing - it was built in 1934, making this structure (and probably the others) almost 80 years old.

Ghost Town building #1 rear view

Rancho Cucamonga ghost town structure #1 front view

Built for F.L. Graves 1934


Structure #2 is about 1/8th of a mile south of structure #1 and has a similar fireplace.  However this structure has a rather large foundation, and another structure made of cinder-block a few feet away.

Ghost town structure #2 in Rancho Cucamonga hills


The third structure (no pictures) was about 1/8th of a mile east of structure #1 and was nothing more than pieces of a foundation and a wall up against the side of the hill.  There was also the remains of a rusted-out car about 100 feet to the south on what looks like was once a road.  There was not enough left of the car for me to figure out what model or year it was, but it looked like it could have been a station wagon from the 1960's or 1970's.

I didn't see structure #4 while I was there and only discovered it while writing this post.  You can click on the satellite image to get a Google Map of the exact location. (Lat & Lon: 34.171173, -117.559163)

Rancho Cucamonga ghost town map view


There also appears to be a whole string of other structures (not shown on the map) just to the south that I plan on exploring next.


If anyone has any information about what these buildings might be or who "F.L. Graves" was, please post a comment.



That is great Shelli! Did you find it today? I was just up there a few hours ago..
Please do see if you can scan that map - if you email it to, we'll post it for you.

Got the map, thank you!
What we see on the map listed as Day Canyon Station is miles east of the location of these structures.. I don't think this is it.

I have pictures of the structure that you don't. I will email the pictures that I took. I love Mysteries.

We have posted the old map that Shelli Godinho has provided us. You can see the map here: old map of the Inland Empire

We used to ride motorcycles thru this area when we were kids, before any of the concrete channels or homes showed up. What I have interest in, is whether or not anyone has found a nearby CCC landmark. It was a circle of trees - all alike and not native. On the edge was a large natural granite boulder. A stonemason had carved in it's face a description of the CCC camp, it's year of founding, director, etc. I've always wondered if it still exists. The boulder should be preserved, and I hope someone hasn't defaced it. We decided back then that this was their outdoor campfire/meeting area. I know it was near the remains of the old buildings, but as I remember not close to the hills.

Actually.. upon reflection, I do remember a spot just east of the buildings where there was a roundish area surrounded by trees. I remember thinking that it might have been a parking spot or something - and there was a very large boulder with deep hole drilled in it which I assumed was for a flagpole or something. But I never saw any carving.. Now I'll have to venture back up to see if I can find the carving you're speaking of.

I'm going off a 40 year ago memory, but I remember the inscription being on the South-West side of the boulder. It doesn't stand out - or didn't at the time being a lighter gray stone. It was done by a pro - someone with stone carving tools.
I tried to find my way in there today, but found 6 cop cars in the two trailhead locations that I wanted to park at, and decided not today.

Not sure where you're parking, but it's legal to go/park the way I go right off of Wilson and Milliken... See this page:
walking trail in Rancho.

I was just up there again a few days ago. Took some more pics. I turn on the news this morning and its on fire


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