Who remembers Ford's Lunch Counter

I just barely remember Ford's Lunch Counter. It was one those old places on Euclid in Ontario that were either burned down or torn down over the years. It was right near the corner of Euclid and Holt on the same side as the Yanzee Chinese Restaurant.

Anyway, the owner of Ford's was one nefarious guy named Frank Holbart, (The Restaurant was named for Ford Cars) was also known as the guy who refused to serve actress Mae West when she was making a movie in the area....something about her movies being to racy.

Ford's Lunch Counter and the cafe itself was huge, with what seems as miles of counter space and totally devoted to Ford, with pictures of every ford made from 1945 to early 60's....I remember walking into this place and seeing the Huge Ford company logo, made of heavy brass, embedded in gray marble at both the Euclid and Holt entrances.

But the food at Ford's was not that good, except one item which I loved, and that was their deep fried French toast.. I really dont know why my dad liked the place.. .I guess it was the meat loaf.. I remember though, you almost had to beg for refills on coffee and if the place was just a little bit busy, you could waste your whole lunch hour there.... There was just something about the Ford's... I guess people just like to sit there at the lunch counter and watch the cars go by on Holt on one side and up Euclid on the other.

Today the only reminder of the Ford Lunch Counter is located in a display at the Ontario Museum of History and Art devoted to Ford Lunch features photos and a menu and few old timers who can still remember the place.

One thing I also remember.. The owner was a mean SOB to work for..  He yelled at the cooks and waitress alike and would even yell at some of his customers... I remember one time a waitress coming out of the back cook area with a full load of food on her tray, and I am not to sure what happened, but when Hobart started yelling at her, she just opened her hands, and let the tray full of food drop and took off her apron and threw it in his face as she walked out yelling "I quit!" at the top of her lungs.. It served Hobart right. He had to clean it up.


I heard that they wouldn't serve Mexicans in that restaurant Fords ,good thing I didnt live there at that time terrible

I remember seeing a big sign on the window saying NO MEXICANS ALLOWED