Who remembers Ford's Lunch Counter

I just barely remember Ford's Lunch Counter. It was one those old places on Euclid in Ontario that were either burned down or torn down over the years. It was right near the corner of Euclid and Holt on the same side as the Yanzee Chinese Restaurant.

Anyway, the owner of Ford's was one nefarious guy named Frank Holbart, (The Restaurant was named for Ford Cars) was also known as the guy who refused to serve actress Mae West when she was making a movie in the area....something about her movies being to racy.

Ford's Lunch Counter and the cafe itself was huge, with what seems as miles of counter space and totally devoted to Ford, with pictures of every ford made from 1945 to early 60's....I remember walking into this place and seeing the Huge Ford company logo, made of heavy brass, embedded in gray marble at both the Euclid and Holt entrances.

But the food at Ford's was not that good, except one item which I loved, and that was their deep fried French toast.. I really dont know why my dad liked the place.. .I guess it was the meat loaf.. I remember though, you almost had to beg for refills on coffee and if the place was just a little bit busy, you could waste your whole lunch hour there.... There was just something about the Ford's... I guess people just like to sit there at the lunch counter and watch the cars go by on Holt on one side and up Euclid on the other.

Today the only reminder of the Ford Lunch Counter is located in a display at the Ontario Museum of History and Art devoted to Ford Lunch features photos and a menu and few old timers who can still remember the place.

One thing I also remember.. The owner was a mean SOB to work for..  He yelled at the cooks and waitress alike and would even yell at some of his customers... I remember one time a waitress coming out of the back cook area with a full load of food on her tray, and I am not to sure what happened, but when Hobart started yelling at her, she just opened her hands, and let the tray full of food drop and took off her apron and threw it in his face as she walked out yelling "I quit!" at the top of her lungs.. It served Hobart right. He had to clean it up.


I remember. Fords lunch as being racist. Not once did I ever see a brown or black person. Eating or working there. Not even the newspaper boy was allowed to go in. He had to open the door slightly, and put the paper just inside the door without. Going in. What do you think of that?

I also remember a sign that said "WHITES ONLY" in the late 1950's I was just a little girl. Disgusting

Had many dinners there in the mid fifties with my family. Early dinner then cross Euclid to the Granada theater for a "double feature" with cartoon and news reel!
Ontario at that time was a wonderful place to grow up.

My Mom remembers the joint. She has 15 of their shot glasses from the bar. They will be up for sale at her yard sale in October.

I remember as a little girl my sister and i were walking home from the Granada..theater when we walked inside the Ford lunch and they refused to serve us ...finally after waiting a ling time the waitress told us to leave . Outside the door was a big sign that read NO MEXICANS ALIUD......IT WAS SOME thing that i never forgot.. ..

My grandma, juju worked here. It makes me sad to realize how racist they were.

I remember Ford's on Euclid in Ontario. I was a little girl in the late 1950'summer. They had a sign in the window "Whites only". My dad was white and our mother was Mexican born in Pomona in 1918. As a family we went their for lunch once, the waitress was rude to us and slammed on glasses of water on the table. Dad said something in defense of us all, and we left and never went back to that racist place

I was raised on east Park street in Ontario from 1941 until 1960 when I went into the service. I recall as a young boy selling the Daily Report newspaper. I am of Mexican heritage so I was not allowed to enter the Ford lunch to sell my newspapers. My mother told me that the Ford lunch din't allow Mexican people in their place. I also remember burgers cafe on Euclid ave and Holt blvd. Hold blvd use to be A street before it was renamed Holt. I recall Bumsteads bike shop also. Mr Bumstead use to repair our flat tires for free. I currently live in Pomona but I will always remember my days growing up in Ontario. Al Tellez

My mom was a waitress at Ford's Lunch when I was in high school. This would have been 1964-68. I remember she did say the boss was an s.o.b. and it could very well have been my mom who intentionally dropped the tray of food and quit. She didn't take guff from anyone, boss or not, and probably withstood him all she could.

In the 1940's and early 1950's my parents lived in South Los Angeles near Slauson Avenue. They were originally from Texas and we frequently drove to Texas down highway 60 which went through Ontario. We would leave early in the morning and then meet some relatives for breakfast at the Ford Lunch. So my early memories of the place are pleasant.
In the early 1960's I was in the USAF at Mira Loma. I was dating a girl from Upland and so I took her to the Ford Lunch for supper one night. She ordered jumbo shrimp. She didn't eat all of them because the breading was coming off and it turns out she does not like horseradish which is in that red sauce you dip shrimp in. She still doesn't like it.
They tore the place down not long after. But the memories endure.


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