Local myths of Fontana that are quite real....

We often hear rumors about who or what might have lived, or died or has family in an area.. Below are some figures, some most noticeable and others not so notorious that once had something to do with the city of Fontana.

Gangster Al Capone once had a home in Fontana, which was notable for the initial "C" displayed on one of the home's chimneys. It was rumored that Capone had secret passageways or tunnels built under the house that led out into the back yard making for a quick escape in case his place was ever surrounded by the fuzz. No tunnels were ever found though after the home was torn down. And we all know what happened to Al after he left Fontana.

The Crlenica Brothers, a local Slavic "Tamburitza" musical group, lived in Fontana, had a music store on Arrow Blvd., and played music locally for Fontana's large Slavic population. Unbeknownst to most Fontana residents, they also did some movie work in Hollywood, performing on the soundtrack of "Dr. Zhivago", and also in the movie "Patton," near the end of the movie in the Russian dance scene.

Shelton Brooks, legendary songwriter and bandleader of the early 20th century, spent several decades in his later years living in Fontana. The writer of such hits as "Darktown Strutters’ Ball" and "Some of These Days," he would buy a new Cadillac every year with his songwriter royalties.. As a leader of his own successful big band, he hobnobbed with the Hollywood elite and became especially close to torch singer Sophie Tucker, known as The Last of the Red Hot Mammas.
Whitman Mayo, the actor who played Shady Grady in the TV series "Sanford and Son," moved with his family from New York City to Fontana in 1967, when he was 37. While living in Fontana he attended Chaffey College in nearby Cucamonga.. He once served as the Grand Marshall in the Fontana Days parade.

Legendary motorcycle builder Denver Mullins was from Fontana.. He started a bike shop, Denver’s Choppers, in San Bernardino in 1967, where he was the first to toy in the building of custom bikes and replacement bike parts. The shop later moved to Henderson, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas, where it still operates to this day. Denver died in a racing boat accident in 1992.

Henry Kaiser’s steel mill in Fontana was the only steel mill west of the Mississippi River.. During WWII Kaiser shipbuilding contributed hundreds of naval and merchant vessels.. The steel mill scene in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie "Terminator 2" was filmed in the abandoned Kaiser Steel Mill. Robo Cop was also filmed at the old steel mill as well as many sci-fi and police movies.

What ever happened to Ro-Val’s automobile museum, located on Foothill Blvd on the western outskirts between Fontana and Cucamonga? It was for a while the home for many classic automobiles of the 20’s and 30’s, including a huge vehicle once owned by screen actor Fatty Arbuckle. When the Ro-Val museum closed, the vehicles were sold to Bill Harrah, a Nevada casino owner and automobile collector, who placed them on display in the museum located at his casino.

In the 1950’s and 60’s Fontana was home to a famous drag racing strip that was a significant venue in the NHRA circuit. Known officially as Mickey Thompson’s Fontana International Dragway, it was also referred to as Fontana Drag City or just plain old Fontana Drag Strip. The original Fontana strip closed after several serous accidents and deaths to the drivers ad the NHRA deemed the track to short and narrow for safe racing.


I was sitting in a front yard of a ranch house on jurupa, in between citrus and cypress. I was facing south towards Wat is now new southridge along the hills towards the nature center. Me and my brother both seen a man walking in the hills. He was wearing a white gown with a white cone shaped hood/hat with a briefcase. Obviously he was in kkk uniform. Also I had heard of satanic rituals up the hills at Martin Tudor park ( the water slide park) on Sierra and jurupa

Ur rt theres 3satanic tagging crews that i know of in fontana. 1in the north, one in south ridge and one in the west. The one in the north is also white power
The Hood Pastor

If you look at an aerial view of the mountain range from San Bernardino to Fontana you can draw a perfect pentagram. I was shown this by SBSO when they were investigating crimes committed by satanic worshipers.

I've driven by the Capone and KKK houses several times. The Capone house looks pretty run down but the KKK house is gorgeous. It's built on 2 lots and it's very grand on the outside. Never been on the inside. Looks almost like a proper Southern plantation. Also been to the house where Sonny Barger hung out with the Hell's Angels. I think it was his mom's house or something.

261 police personal in tbe city of fontana and only one of them are black and they say theres no KKK. SUM OF THE TOP OFFICERS WERE KKK MEMBERS. THEY JUST CHANGED UNIFORMS

Really... you are saying you personally interviewed one active officer that is there today that is still an active KKK member? Wow... amazing. You also interviewed all their black officers and the only one left is leaving soon because he can't take the cold shoulder treatment?

I'll have to talk to my buddies tomorrow about that one... I see FPD guys everyday.

And thats good for you. We all have the rt to know more info about our cities. I know sum very stand-up police officers that are good men, good fathers and good role models. But one apple spolis the bunch. And thats wonderful that you have such a great relationship with the entire police force. But this is a very big city and theres alot of of unhappy people that have had sum bad apples treat them with disrespect. Police are there to protect and serve and like any job you must weigh the pro and cons and than ask yourself will you be able to deal with the everyday crap, stress, etc. As pastors, police, teachers, city officials, etc. we must be held to a much higher standard (s). I've been a pastor home based here in the I.E. Since 96 and have ministerd in every major ghetto and project that cops refuses to go in to. Have i been spit at, cursed at, threatend, yes and have i wanted to lose my cool, you bet yourself! But i made a choice and because of that choice i knew what i was putting myself into. Who ever you are, what role you hold in the city, remember sumbody is always watching us and its their legal rt to. But more than anything God is watching our every move and wether i pick up a bage, a
bible or a school book at the end of the day we go home knowing that there will be good times and bad we should all be on the same side...

Bless you for your good work. I don't doubt there are bad cops as there are in any profession. I talked to my buddy and we discussed the above and had a good laugh. Not at you, but at the situation.

The word you are so struggling with is "some".

He's just keepin' it real, fo sho!


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