The Haunted Big Lots Store in Fontana

Fontana is haunted.. The whole town it seems.. Only makes sense with the bad history Fontana has had..

At BIG LOT'S, formerly Pic "N" Save stores, located off Sierra and Foothill Blvd in Fontana. They say this store is haunted by several ghost or spirits... Many employees claim to have experienced hearing noises in the men's and women's restrooms things like something falling on the floor while being inside the one toilet stall and no one else inside the restroom and also the lights being flicked off by them selves inside the restroom while in use.  There have also been noises and voices heard coming from the break room when the lights are off and no one is in there..

Another area of the Fontana Big Lots store which is considered to be the area with the most activity is the stock room or warehouse.  Several voices have been heard and noises of things falling inside and things like a former employee who was taking the trash to the back claims she walked into the warehouse and the light was turned off and as she was walking back out she felt something or someone pull her hair out of the bun when she walked out of there her hair was all messed up and her face was pale that was her last night working there..

Several employees claim to be scared or nervous of walking into the warehouse at night. All these things happen at night when the store is closed and employees are cleaning up or late at night when graveyard employees are there. Non of the managers will support these accusations...


Are you referring to the store located at Foothill and Alder? If so, I can testify as to how eerie those rooms south of the sales floor really are. I worked there from 1979-1982. Back then it was called Pic-n-Save. These rooms were used to store our seasonal goods during the off season. The store manager whose first name was Manny, died midway through my employment term there. After his death, was when I started experiencing objects being moved, mop handles that are leaning firmly in the corner, falling down the opposite way of its lean, and lights being turned on and off. Some of us employees would just give Manny the credit, only because we couldn't find an explanation to what was going on in those rooms. Does this mean there's a ghost, oh I don't think so! However if you believe in ghost, then you can't dismiss that either. Thank you for your site! This brings back memories.

Was his name Manny Castro?

Manny Castro lives on

i went there, & go there every once in a while & when i went, it felt really cold & eerie. hardly anybody goes to that store. its usually has a few costumers. though the bathrooms are haunted. this one teacher ms. phelan at my school was there, & she went to the restroom. i was waiting till she got out to greet her & everything. i havnt seen her. i stood outside the restroom door, & the lights flick when u go near it. oh & when u go in around, walk by urself one time. u feel cold all of the sudden, even though the ac is not turnt up high & ull feel a chill by the toy section. the toy section gives off an eerie feeling. then as i waited for my teacher to come out, there was a sudden breeze that came, but freaky thing was that there was no ac near by. so idk how that happened. my teacher never came out though.... i waited a good 30 mins. i never left the spot, while my parents shopped & wut not. so my advice, dont use the restrooms.....

The ac units are located behind the wall in the toy dept. and there are 2 ac vents that covers an area of 75 to 100 sq. ft.And the hallways and bath room both have motion detectors to turn on the lights.That s a pretty big store and gets 400 to 475 customers on weekdays and more on week ends. If you still think of ghostly experience,I did, and it was not on the sales floor or in the bathroom.We came in around 3 in the morning to stock, I ask Jose to go right ahead and dust and spot mop the floor while I'll pull pallets for the replenishment team that comes in an hour or so later.While I was in the process of pulling pallets, Jose came running to the main warehouse as white as can be and said there's a man in the hallway calling him, first thing came to mind was , to call 911 thinking we were being burglarized but the peremeter alarms werent triggered and its impossible for a person to stay before us coming in for the thermal and motion detectors would once again trigger the alarm. knowing all these I know there is no body else is in the building but Jose and me, so i grab my cell and dialed 911 but did not press send.We then proceeded to look for these person but we couldnt find anyone.I then reviewed the security system in that area and did noticed that while Jose was getting the dust mop and bucket, he turned and walked towards the hallway as if he was responding to a call and then ran.....Jose discribed him as a man in his forty, but couldnt make off his face and skin tone.Come and visit us and maybe you'll have your own eerie experience,I did.

I think that store is huanted!Last year i went to that store one hour before it closed to do my normal shopping when i had the urge to pee i had to go to the restrooms n remeberd all the rumers n history of that store i didnt care i had to go pee!So when i went inside the ladies restrrom n was about to sit on the toilet i felt like someone was watching me but no one itssucha small restrrom!i ddidnt even get to finish peeing then i went back inside and said hello n i heard a whisper it wasnt a women voice but i herd something n i chickend out and ran to my bro n tried caatchingmy breath !it was so scary i tired catching it on my phone but my phone wasnt wokring it was being stuborn to show it to people. i tried thinking maybe it was someone from the room next store but im pretty sure it wasnt.I still go and shop there i love that store ive been going since i was a child but i never went inside the restrooms n dat time was only a emergency but never again will i go inside the restrooms

are you sure no one goes there? i dont live in fontucky no more, but we always make some trip to this store when we do, and its always pretty busy when we do. my cousin worked here and my grandma shops here regularly, neither have ever seen or experienced a thing here. i mean, its a warehouse in the back and everything makes an echo, but no spirits, nothing to really be afraid of.

My name Is Sharon and have worked at the Chino Big Lots store for 7 years. This store Is also haunted.

A man died there before it was Pick 'N Save. Myself and others always hear noises and things falling off the shelves after closing the store. The noises usually come from a corner in Furniture.

A couple months ago I was back near the corner and as I walked around the corner to turn to my left by the bathroom, for a split second i saw an older man with grey hair, black shirt, brown pants. I was a little freaked out from that but I've said he a good spirit. Strangely after that for weeks after closing when I would walk near that corner I would get the chills.

Others have also said they thought they see someone after closing, but don't find anyone. Now I have to go check out the Fontana store.

It is haunted it gets cold in there the bathrooms aren't just haunted they look really scary to get the chills every time i go in there


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