Fontana Is Bizarre

Fontana has always been a bizarre place.

I grew up in Fontana and my Dad worked at the steel mill. I remember going through some difficult times when it shut down. I remember going out to the mill with my Dad to get his paycheck on Friday's and then cashing it a the Keystone. We would go to the 4 marks bar where he would have one beer and I would have a basket of french fries and a Coke. Kids could sit at the bar back then and it was no big deal. I was only five in 1977 but I remember it like yesterday. I had fun and looked forward to

going with my Dad on Friday's because we would go grocery shopping at Fed-Mart or Alpha-Beta on Randall. Good ole Jolly Farms and Jones's Pet Shop.

It was a rough and tumble town built on the Steel Mill and FOHI Football. Crazy how things change.

Yes Al Capone's House is still standing with it's famous "C" on the chimney located on the south side of the house. Al Capone tried to replicate his home in Cicero a suburb of Chicago where ever he lived. He had homes in several places and he did the same thing in Florida. He was banned from Los Angeles and was not allowed in the state. The authorities did not want him here and tried to keep him out. He had rackets everywhere that included brothels, bars, and or speak-easies with boot legging operations. I imagine he had a lot to do with Muscoy also. That place was a bootleggers paradise with underground tunnels everywhere. What better place to have a hide out, in Fontana.

The "KKK" house is just down the street West of Capone's house. George Pepper lived there and moved on to Fallbrook with ties to John Metzger.

I have a lot of stories just like anyone else that grew up in the Meth infested city "Felony Flats" was the unofficial name it was given by the street urchins and parasites.

The dynamics of Fontana have forever changed and will never be the same, but I will say that I am proud to have been born and raised there. The place was crazy but the people were great and didn't take no shit. It was the epitome of a blue collar hard working town. No matter where you went out of state someone always knew someone from that crazy town.

Anyways, there is so much to say about Fontana I could write a sequence of books on that place. Some good, some bad, but I cannot change where I am from good ole Fontana.


Born there in 1959 and lived on Pepper street off randall when young and then on Hawthorne st. My grandparents had a acre or so on Pepper street with three houses on it. I remember feeding the horses living in the pasture on Pepper street and we would walk to Jones pet shop and see that monkey that would howl at people. I recall a little candy store you could buy a handful of candy for pennies. My dad also worked at Kaiser steel until I was about 5 then he worked for California state hy division when they were building the new highway through death valley to Las Vegas. I remember desert turtles he brought home for us to play with, I loved running from the tumble weeds when they blew through town when the Santa Ana winds were blowing. Family moved to Oregon when I was 10 years old, I went back 10 years later and could barely recognize the place, some fond memories of fontana

My Grand Father owned Jones's Pet Shop

As a child I loved your Grandfather's pet shop! They were great! We bought the frozen horse meat for our Greyhound, Bye Jingo. I think 1965ish, We lived way out on Sierra between Santa Ana & Jurupa. Mainly us, grapevines & The DeBeaumont's. What an awesome childhood we had!

As someone who currently lives on the streets of Fontana I couldn't agree more. We still call it Felony Flats and shit is still weird and crazy out here, even with all the gentrification. Between all the drugs everywhere and the non-stop paranormal activity, it is incredibly hard to tell whether you're seeing a ghost or a tweaker!

With that all said, I love Fontana. I've never met a more hardy group of people. Everyone has their hustle, whether legit or not, and we're all shooting to get from south of Arrow to north of Summit!


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