Floor Plans of the Mission Inn and Catacombs

Here are a set of plans from The Mission Inn in 1985. What matches to the Inn after the remodel, I do not know. Last time I was on the property was 1985. Going to go back there someday. Maybe this year if work allows.
I worked with Cal Poly, Pomona architecture students on the buildings of the Mission Inn.  I am even formally thanked in the acknowledgements, in the book they published on the Inn.
When looking at the layout you will see 3 access's to the Annex from the Inn. The furthest north is the crawl tunnel,  the 2nd one is the tunnel you could drive thru and the 3rd is the bridge going from the 1st floor (which would be the 2nd floor anywhere rlse in Riverside) to the Annex. 
When I worked at the Inn, we had 3 elevators. A main elevator in the lobby, a service elevator next to the St. Francis chapel, and one on the Spanish wing next to the St. Cecilia chapel. All 3 elevators worked like a hydraulic car lift. 
The car sat atop a post, the post was operated by a hydraulic pump.
The way of Frank Miller's thinking was if you have to dig a hole to install something, why bury it. You will have to dig out the dirt to repair it. Since those elevators go up approximately 50' from the basement,  you will have a tunnel accessing the bottom of the post for inspection and repair.
I am not an authority on the Mission Inn. When I went to work at The Inn in 1982, the City of Riverside owned the Mission Inn.  
I was interviewed by a Riverside police detective that was assigned as Director of Security for the Inn. After I was hired he was my boss. This was shortly after they had a major shake up of security at the Inn and all but one person from the previous security department were terminated. 
I started out on the graveyard shift, my partner was a Riverside police officer. We worked with 3 other similar teams (3 security and 3 cops). Each shift was like that the first year. There was no waiting for a cop to respond, we had some handy all the time. During that first year we chased trespassers that would disappear thru a wall or doorway. Us new guys thought we were being fooled with being new and all..
But then when you see things that you can't explain rationally.  You just accept it as part of the job. When I worked there we had between 7 and 10 visitors a week that were non paying visitors.  To this day I can't tell you who or what they are or where they go when they are not at the Inn.
When I worked there the hotel was in two parts. The original wing facing 7th St (Now Mission Inn Ave). Had been converted to apartments. The rest of the hotel was being rebuilt as a hotel. We had witches and Warnock and a host of other special folks living there.
I remember evicting devil worshippers in robes from the Carmel tower on several occasions.  The Carmel tower was an old observatory on the southeast corner of the 4th floor.
I have chased a person dressed as a Spanish conquistadors, complete with chest plate and sword across the 4th floor of the hotel from the elevator across the catwalk to Writer's Row and the presidential suite only to see him disappear into a door.  I got used to the fun early on. But it was really hard on the cops. Logically it could not happen, but you hear a metal on metal sound as a person dressed for Halloween walks by you around midnight in January. The two 10 year veteran cops I am working with ask him to stop so they may chat with him. He doesnt, they run after him, I follow. They take the lead because they are armed. After a short pursuit across the top floor past Aunt Alice's room, he enters a closed door.
After I went to swing shift, I spent a lot of time at Hojo's for chior practice with the cops (Drinking beers at Howard Johnson's) and trying to make sense of what we saw at the Inn. 
Floor Plans and layout (click each image for a full-size view):
Floor plan of the Mission Inn basement
Floor plans of the Mission Inn ground-floor
First floor layout
Mission Inn Hotel second floor plans
Floor plans for the third floor of the Mission Inn
Fourth floor plans of the Mission Inn


This is soo cool thankyou!
Do you have any pictures inside the catacombs or tunnels?

 No photos of the tunnels or crawl spaces. Back in those days it was film and camera photos and I could not afford to buy film and get it developed. What I can tell you from what I remember from all those years ago.  The piano room and catacomb hallways were lined with red bricks. I am thinking standard 3" tall, 3" wide and 5" long. The areas that had a display at one time were the typical poured concrete look like the sides of the Inn.

The piano room was storage for about 30 piano and harpsacords. Also some antiques were stored down there.

If you know where to look, you can see into the catacombs from ground level along the southern end of the Inn. It is below the planter, every few feet there is a brick wall with stained looking glass. Those are skylights letting light into the top of the catacombs.  On both sides of the south entrance. To the right they are in the wall because there is no planter.

I have some from my personal collection. Email me and I will send you copies..

If you email them to: IEDude@insidetheIE.com we will be happy to post them up for everyone to see! be sure to include the name you want shown for photo-credit

So good to see these plans! Thank you for sharing your personal history and observations....

Jory Blake

My son is working on a project for school that requires him to build a replica of the Mission Inn. Do you have any of the exterior facade plans, or know where to find them? I cannot se to locate any replica kits.

Thank you in advance. Great information and stories. Thank you.

My first stop would be the Mission Inn Museum. Inside they have a model replica of the Inn.

My understanding they have a copy of the books these plans came from.

Cal Poly University Pomona has a book on the Inn with plans.

Sec 1

There are no replica kits that I know of. The Mission Inn was never a California Mission. Just a fancy top notch hotel.

For facades and views, go with Google Earth and the Mission Inn website has great pictures too.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this. Today I looked into your story because I sensed a ton of spirits in the mission galleria antique store and I spoke to the manager who looked surprised but happy to tell me more. She mentioned catacombs and I was intrigued so I ran across this! Great to know! I sensed an overwhelming amount of dormant spirits and some very active but it becomes part of the lifestyle. Do you know if most of the guests at the Inn experience these occurrences?

Back when I worked at the Inn about 2% of the guests reported to the front desk something unusual in the night. We had one occurrance in the 3 years that I worked at the Inn, where the people checked out in the middle of the night. They described to me Frank Miller walking back and forth thru their room.

Frank built the Inn and mostly kept to the 2nd floor. In the security department we mainly delt with full to half figures walking around the Inn. They mainly just wandered the halls and a couple of rooms. Unless the Inn needed the space, some rooms were not rented out.

When I worked at the Inn, half of the Inn was apartments and we had a lot of eclectic residents, some of them would socialize with the spirits of the Inn.

Hope that answers your question.