Flag Football for Females in the Inland Empire

I need help from all the ladies of the Inland Empire. Please take a couple of minutes to complete a survey. I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Sport Management from CSULB. Research has shown numerous benefits to recreational sport participation, especially with women. We do not see flag football offered to our communities. Many girls are introduced to the game in high school during homecoming or a spirit week when they participate in their powder puff games. Research has also shown that fast paced and contact sports are highly beneficial to women. Women who have participated in contact sports are more ambitious and have a higher level of confidence. The data that I collect from the survey will help implement an actual league in the Inland Empire that will give women the chance to participate in flag football in their communities. Please pass along to your friends. This survey is intended for *females *18 years or older *living in the IE. Thank you!


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