The Devil at Mt. Rubidoux

Back in the summer of 88 a few friends and i went up Mount Rubidoux at around 12 midnight. We were trying to scare each other. We told each other stories about how the devil lived up here on Mt. Rubidoux in one of the rocky caves.
All of a sudden we could hear what sounded like a child crying out. We couldnt make out what they were saying, then followed the heavy footsteps. All we had was one flashlight between 5 people so we couldnt see very good. The foot steps sounded like they were all around us. We were sitting in a circle so that our backs were covered. All of a sudden we could hear the footsteps very clearly coming toward us from the path that lead further up the mountain. One of my friends said it sounded like hoofs from the devil. Then we shined the light on the path and it was a white goat with red eyes. It started bleating loud and we were such pussies we ran all the way down the mountain. i fell several times. lol