Cucamonga is alive with the dead

One of my relatives reports that when he was a kid delivering newspapers in Alta Loma he came around a corner one Sunday morning and found herself surrounded by dead confederate soldiers. Hundreds of them were crawling and reaching for her help. She was so horrified and scared that she threw the papers in the street and went home to get her mom. She said that she drove him back to the street to get the his papers and finish the route but also to see what it was that had so scarred him. But when she got back to the bloody scene we found nothing. Even the papers were gone. She had to call her boss to get more papers. When her boss asked about what happened to the other papers she said she lied and said that some big kids had taken them. She said she never saw the apperations again but she never found out what happened to his papers either.


Recently over the past few weeks residents just north of the 210 freeway report seeing a young girl wearing a blood covered dress with a blood covered rope walking early in front of Los Osos High School. As they approach to find out if she is all right she disappears from view.

The spirit of a young guy having on a jacket is known to have been observed on many instances performing a piece of music on a guitar in a Rancho Cucamonga home on Hemlock. The residents who prefer to remain anomalously report that they have grown or gotten use to the music that ends when someone enters the room.

A decapitated guy may often be distinguished drifting by on Day Canyon Wash in the early morning hours. In any event, this is an antagonistic ghost that you shouldn't go trying to locate. Residents have called the police in to investigate and on approach have had rocks and dirt thrown at them by unseen hands. Of course there are no police reports. What would write if you were a cop?

The phantom of a gentleman clutching a bloody spear has now and then been distinguished in a Rancho Cucamonga school at midnight strolling the halls. It has been asserted that this individual ghost is that of a local resident who settled here in Rancho Cucamonga in the past.

The ghost of a civil war combatant is occasionally spotted going wild in Angalls Canyon before dawn. where did all of the civil war guys come from? As far as I know we did have any civil war engagements is this area.

The ghost of a gentleman having words etched into his leg is known to have been seen on a small number of instances dragging a dead body over rocks in Baldy View Park after midnight. I have to admit that as many times that I have been to this park late at night, I personally have never witnessed any such events. The ghost of an engine driver can now and then be noticed in a mirror in a Rancho Cucamonga home; the ghost was solely to be seen in the mirror. The person looking into the mirror didn't see herself. One thing's for sure, it is in all certainty a menacing ghost that you do not want to come across at midnight or at any time for that matter.

A female with no head has often been noticed in a mobile home outside Rancho Cucamonga. I checked with a friend of mine who lives in this park just off of foothill and Cherry and he says that very so often he will woke up at night to the screams of a woman. But after checking he sees nothing.

An exceptionally chilling ghost has supposedly been noticed on a few occasions searching for a hat beside a parked Honda in a Rancho Cucamonga parking lot late at night. According to what the locals declare, this phantom likes scaring folks who are brave enough to disturb his search.

The ghost of an old woman holding a gun can regularly be spotted in a Rancho Cucamonga area stores, strolling the aisles. Lots of local residents declare this phantom could be the spirit of a resident who passed on here in Rancho Cucamonga a long time ago. She is usually seen on the night shift as the night crew stocks the shelves. If you are near the Albertson's on Baseline and you should see a woman carrying a gun and she points at you, just keep on driving.

The spirit of an old Indian chief may be seen late at night dissolving into the thin air around midnight on a lawn in Rancho Cucamonga. Local people who have spotted this phantom assert this phantom may very well be a celebrated days gone by inhabitant of Rancho Cucamonga.

And of course don't forget the Indians we ran into at Red hill on Foothill one foggy night. they made a commercial out of that sighting.


LOL... Confederate soldiers in California?? maybe they took the papers to find news on how the Civil War was progressing, finding none they left!! LOL

You should add mine.

I live near Los Osos High School, and in my house a ghost of an old lady is seen during the day and the night. The old lady seems to wear some kind of cheap cotton vest- dress, it kind of looks like me like something of the 1800's. A drunk friend of my cousin that passed out claims have seen her in her dreams, being reprehended for her behavior during a party and grinding grapes (?).
I have seen her shadow twice, and i've seen her shape once, i was washing the dishes at about 9pm and scared the s*it out of me. My cousin also saw her outside the master bedroom a few days ago. My own cousin told me that one day her parents were having fun in the patio, that they saw a person sitting in their couches, they called her thinking it was her, but she said that she was not home. There was nobody else!
My father himself said that there is a ''heavy'' feeling in the house. He is a christian (a devoted one e.e) and he does not believe in any of this things, but i have to bear with them so, please!

Maybe if not the site of a confederate front, remember that there was a U.S vs. Mexico war. The U.S fought for all of this territories.

I live In Alta Loma and I found myself waking up to a full dressed Indian . He only looked at me with a smile. Saw him several time around in his 40-50s . I also saw black shaggy animal looking like a bear but never saw his face. My roommate also saw him and black bear sometime together and alone. I've also heard doors opening and footsteps down my hallway.i never believed in ghost tell now and being that my roommate also described the Indian and bear to me when I asked if they ever saw a gost in our house

Many years ago,my now ex husband woke to see Indians dancing in the living room. He smoked too much dope so I wouldn't trust anything he said. But then a few years back when i was working the night shift my son saw a person walk through the front door into the back room of the house. He asked me why I was home so early and there was no answer and no one there. He freaked out and went down the street to stay with a friend until I got home.

I've lived in the area my entire life and haven't heard any of these stories. I've also been looking everywhere online for stories like these but haven't been able to find any. Where did you hear about these? I went to Los Osos High School around the time that you posted about the girl in the bloody dress. I never saw her, but I spent a lot of time in the empty lots and washes there, doing what high school kids do, and always got really weird and sometimes sinister vibes around there. Any more info would be greatly appreciated.


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