Creepy Places for Photo shoots

I am a photographer and I am looking for some creepy looking/abandoned places to do photo shoots for my models. The Halloween season is coming soon and these are some busy months for me. I have already done Hillside Cemetery in Redlands and caught some pretty interesting things. So please let me know some cool locations!!!


Riverside Cemetery is pretty neat.. Probably not much creepier than Hillside though. You can read about it here:
To read about a hundred or so other haunted/scary/creepy places in the Inland Empire, click the "Haunted Houses & Scare Places" link at the very top of the page.

look up the Lanterman Asylum and Cemetary in Pomona they did bad things there.

In Victorville this is a place of history if you have the gift for being in tune with the spirit world like I do there are many places that have spirits don't call them haunting s they are spirits that need to go in the light I feel spirits every where they know that you have to understand the area you are going in never go in a place that you don't know about thank you

Did the spirits possess you to construct such an incoherent and irrelevant wall of text devoid of even the most rudimentary use of punctuation?

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