The War Of the World Was Fought In Corona, and other interesting facts

Corona is home to one of the largest cheese factories in the world, the Golden Cheese Company of California.....Quite a place, one can become very happy there, if you like cheese that is. It is also home to the Fender Guitar custom factory.....We just bought a Fender for Little David, my Nephew. The original movie, War Of The Worlds, was partially filmed in Corona near the southern part of the city that rises up to the Santa Ana Range.....Many of the Army and UFO fight scenes were shot in this area and the Atomic Bomb blast was shot from the top of the Mountains near Saddleback looking north.....They actually painted the mountain range to the north to look like the Mountains to the north of the San Fernando Valley....The San Gabriel's, which are to the north of the Pomona Valley and the Cucamonga area were actually masked off for the shot, then repainted....In fact, if you watch closely, you can see the old 71 highway snaking through the canyon and the buildings making up the old Toms Farms on the right side of the screen. The fast food chain, Del Taco, was formed and headquartered in Corona.....I was working for Naugles at the time trying to get a job as a Kitchen Construction consultant....That job disappeared like Naugles did....And Naugles was much better. Monster Energy Drinks main factory is located in Corona.....It must be the water.....Seriously though, the Plant is located just north of the 91 freeway and has become a major player in the IE. Another major company is southland foods, located on Pomona Road and Maple.....This grocery store supplier supplies foods to independent Markets and small chains, like Super 8 through out the Inland Empire. Corona Airport is a small airport located on the eastern out skirts of the Prado Dam area....During Heavy rain years, it is not uncommon for the airport to be surrounded by water....The land surrounding the Airport is held as a nature preserve since it so swampy....Several Varieties of birds and other animals are found in its swamps....There have even been reports of Alligators having been seen, but the sightings have never been confirmed.....The airport is un-staffed by the FAA. And then there is Grand Boulevard. The circular Grand Boulevard is where three international road racing events took place in 1913, 1914 and 1916.....My Grand Parents on the Hall side went to the race in 1914....They said they never had so much fun.....Only problem was when people decided they wanted to go home they would just pull out onto Grand not realizing that they interfering with the running of the race.....In the 1990's there was talk of bringing the race's back, nothing ever developed.....Can you imagine NASCAR running on Grand with the Pits at the 91 freeway....Hey now that is a thought. Corona is also the crossroads of the 71, 91 and 15 freeways and the southern line of the Union Pacific heads North into Riverside where other crossovers take trains north, west or east towards the Southern Desert.....It is also the line that the Metro Link Orange Line uses from Orange County out to Riverside....Amtrak also uses the same tracks. Gary Hall, the ghostpainter

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