The Coachman Steak House in Riverside....

is your destination if you want a simple casual night of feasting, but with food to match any classic steakhouse's reputation, and entertainment into the wee hours of the night.

Lets talk about there food, because it is really quite good and they offer a wide selection of items to satisfy anyone's taste buds....The Appetizer menu offers fried Zucchini, fried Zucchini with Cheese, Rumaki Bay Shrimp, Sautéed Mushrooms, Escargot (Snails), Steamed Clams, a Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail that will set your taste buds on fire, and a Greek Steak Broiled to Order.....I have never tried the Greek Steak, but I understand it is an acquired taste.

From the Oven and Broiler you can order several different dinner types, from the Fried Chicken Breast to a Vegetable Plate

and the Chicken Oscar.....My favorite is the One & one-half inch Center Cut Broiled to Perfection the way you want it, and when you want it....They wait till you have finished with your Appetizers or the Salad Bar till they start your meal.

They also off a Prime Rib Dinner, and of course another favorite of mine, the King Neptune Filet Mignon, Topped with Crab, Béarnaise Sauce, and Asparagus Spears.....Not cheap, but is a meal fit for a king, and well worth your money.

They also offer a Sea Food menu Seafood (Subject to Fishing Conditions and Season of course) and you can order your selections Sautéed or Fried......The meals range in price from $25.00 to $35.00 and above it is something special but the plates are large enough that two can share a meal such as the Captain's Plate, which consists of fresh farm bred Salmon, Halibut, 2 Shrimp, 2 Scallops and Alaskan Crab Legs.

They also offer a Lunch special menu....The Broiled New York Steak Sandwich, which comes with French Fries, Onion Rings and a large draft is considered the best lunch menu selection in the IE.....They also offer a desert tray but you must ask to see it, because it changes every day.

Monday night is Karaoke Night.....Hope your voice is good, mine is, or was.....Tuesday night they offer a Prime Rib Dinner Special, but it always wise to call ahead for pricing because depending on the grade of meat it will change.

Singer Mark Carter seems to be the house entertainment and offers up lots of 50's rock & roll.....Wednesday night is Steak and Lobster Night and again call ahead for current dont want to end up short on the tip now do you.....Friday Night, they offer a Roast Pork Dinner Special....I have never had this dinner but I know people that have and they say if you are a pork lover this is one of the best roast pork meals ever.

Saturday Night the Old Fashioned Piano Bar is going and they either have a guest performer or one of two gents called Gene McEwen or Lanny.....You can always call ahead and find out who is performing that night as well as checking prices on your favorite dinner choices.

Sundays are set up for private parties, but you must call at least two weeks ahead to make sure they have room for you.

Take the 60 Freeway exit onto University Avenue.....Then head westward past Chicago Avenue a short distance and you're there.....The Coachman is located at, 1805 University Avenue in Riverside.....Call (909) 788-0310 for reservations and to check on dinner prices and performers for the night.

Gary Hall the ghostpainter


I thought the Coachman had closed but thrilled when I got online to know that it is still there!! My husband and I go back for many years (1965) and having great meals there. When Mike and I were dating and he sent me a plane ticket from Ohio to California, the Coachman is where he took me for my first night in CA. It will always be such a memorable night as he ordered Rumaki for us which was awesome and then we had such great steaks that night. Your place is so very special. My husband passed away last June, but I have the memory of being with him in 1965 and having such a wonderful night!!

Barbara Mallard
3286 Navigator Circle
Oceanside, CA. 92056

My date and I went to the Coachman Restaurant for a delicious dinner before my Jr/Sr. Prom (Polytechnic H.S.) in 1960. It was the first time I had Shrimp Cocktail. I loved it. My date that night and I have been married 57 1/2 years presently living on the East Coast. We are excited to discover (online) The Coachman is still open. We'd be thrilled for a return visit. Maybe we'll make it for our 60th Anniversary, Joan and Bob Polston

Love this place. The food and atmosphere is awesomee

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