Cleghorn Jeep Trail Closed!

Sorry to let all you Jeepers and other off-roaders know that they are pretty much closing down the Cleghorn Ridge Offroad Trail!

For the last few weeks they have been putting up fence-posts across almost every obsticle run on the trail, leaving only a few open. Most noteable to be closed is "Pucker Hill"!

As of the end of January 2015, the actual fencing is not up, only the fence posts, but it probably will be completed in the next few weeks.  

They did the same thing several years ago, then removed the fences I guess to let the area recover or something - not really sure.

Goodbye Cleghorn trail!


I ran Cleghorn Ridge last month (December 2014) and noticed the fence-posts going up and I was afraid this is what was happening. You're right around 2008 or 2009 they closed off a lot of sections and either the 4x4 crowd slowly knocked them down or they were removed. Like you said maybe temporarily for recovery. The good news is now I don't have to make up excuses to bypass Pucker Hill !

According to Greg Hoffman, the San Bernardino National Forest OHV Manager, the Cleghorn off-road trail is divided into two different districts within the San Bernardino National Forest. The dividing line is Cleghorn Mountain.

The side trails west (towards I-15) of Cleghorn Mountain are being fenced off for Restoration Purposes. The the obstacles east (toward Lake Silverwood) of Cleghorn Mountain will be left open except for Pucker Hill which has been permanently closed for safety.

it's not really closed or as bad as it seems. Only a few of the obstacles on the west site are being closed off. there is still plenty of difficult hills and obstacles remaining for tons of fun.

I was on the trail on 5/24/15. There are even more obstacles closed off, including on the east side. The pucker bypass is closed off (pucker has been closed for a while. The notch is closed. Most of the optional hills are closed. The trail to poser rock is closed. Basically you have the easy trail and maybe 4or 5 options left.

The back-half/east side (closer to Silverwood Lake) still has some VERY challenging areas, particularly the back/down side of the last few obstacle hills. The trails coming down these hills are VERY rutted out and have gotten worse in just the last 3 or 4 months. One section was nearly impassable. Went through with a group of 3 Jeeps and 2 of them nearly rolled-over forward. it was a blast!
This section starts just past Pucker Hill. If you stay to the left, you go out the fire-road which is flat and easy. If you stay to the right, you go into no-man's land.

Was just on the trail today (Nov 11 2015). Most of the difficult obstacles on the west side are fenced off - but now even Edison Tower Hill is closed! It's not fenced but there are signs on every path up that says either "closed" or "Illegal trail". They are the plastic flimsy type signs that you could drive right over but being responsible Jeepers we chose not to. I'm sure it's a hefty fine if they catch you. Like the other guy said, the very last section/hill coming down near the lake is VERY VERYYY rutted and difficult. if you stay on the fire-road you bypass it, but if you go up that last hill, be prepared for "hells pass" coming out.

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