Urban Legends

Bigfoot Survives. In The Santa Ana River...

My dad use to tell me stories of Bigfoot living up on Thomas MT just to the East of Anza. He said that he and my uncles had even shot at one while hunting big horned sheep up on the Anza flats, the area that drops down out of the mountains into the desert above Palm Springs.

My Indian relatives called big foot something else. they weren't to afraid of the creatures when they saw them, usually down by creeks fishing with there hands. But they did refer to them as Devils, or the Takwis.

A Red Rose for my Dad....

After my dad died, flowers were always placed at his crypt in Bellevue. And relatives always noticed that on a certain date of each year a Red Rose would appear. My mom asked about it, thinking it might be my dads mom who was doing it but Mable always denied that she was the one responsible.

this went on for several years, so finally in about 1997, I felt for some reason it was time to start asking questions. My mom said no and most of my dads brothers and sisters that were still alive said they did not know who left the rose. Except for Jack, my dads oldest surviving brother. He said he knew all about it but was not allowed to tell me until after my Mom had died.