Christmas Lights In Riverside

Holidays are coming…holidays are coming…holidays are coming…We are excited for everyone to see the 32,000 lights decorating our house this year. It took all year to plan and several days to set up, but we are ready! Our show this year is a synchronization of lights to seven entertaining Christmas songs (including one popular cola commercial). In addition to lights covering the house and roof, this year we have added a mega tree and arches of leaping lights that cross our yard. We are also collecting non-perishable food to help support those who feed needy families in our community. We hope everyone comes by to see the show, donate food for the needy, get a candy cane, and maybe even buy some hot chocolate from our son (on the weekends)! From KoldeChrismas to you MARRY CHRISTMAS !
2993 Gertrude st
Riverside Ca 92506


It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday...

This year's light show is titled "Cartoon Christmas". It is filled with songs by Spongebob Squarepants, Disney characters, Looney Tunes, and other fun kid-inspired melodies.

For this year's show, we have put up about 35,000 lights. We changed our color scheme from red and white to red and green. The contrast of red and green is impressive. This also gets us ready for next year as we prepare to use red, white, and green lights (with the addition of another Light-o-Rama box).

We are collecting food donations again this year to feed local residents. Our goal is to collect 500 lbs. of food. You can see how we are progressing on this goal by watching the thermometer go up as we get closer and closer (by percentage) to the goal.

Please come by and enjoy the show. If you do, you may be greeted and treated to a candy cane by a member of our family. Our sons are also selling hot cocoa to make some money for their holiday gift-giving.

Merry Christmas to all and we hope that it is "shaping up to be a wonderful holiday" for you, too!

This year we hope you are ready to "TECHNO".

The Christmas song for this years' show have a techno beat. We also have a couple of other fun additions. Our son encouraged us to go "Gangnam Style" and we've added a red, white, and blue tribute to our troops.

The house has been decked out with red, green, and white lights. We've also added 10 mini trees to the show. We have a total of 45,000 lights this year and 1.2 miles of extension cords.

We are proud of the show we have prepared for you this year, but we now have some competition. My little brother thinks he has the better show. We encourage you to check out both of them and cast your vote for your favorite light show.

Please remember to bring donations for our food drive. We continue the tradition of donating food to Set Free Church. Our goal this year is to donate 200 lbs of food to feed the hungry member of our community here in Riverside.


I want to take my family to see your light display, reading this we would like to see both your and your brothers display. Can you tell us where that is?
Thank you & Merry Christmas!!

2993 Gertrude st

2993 Gertrude st
Riverside 920506

or check out

What time does the light show begin?

It runs 5-10 till Jan 5 this year. So get you boots on plop a hat on your head and get on your horse and come on over to KOLDE REDNECK CHRISTMAS. Yee haw.

I found you on this forum and hoped you'd still be around as the last post was made in 2013. Took a chance and and much to my surprise your lights were up rocking out to some tunes! My kids loved it, next time we drive by well donate what we can, thank you for the candy canes!

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