Christmas Lights In Rancho Cucamonga on Thoroughbred and Sapphire

For nearly 25 years the "people of Thoroughbred Lane" (Near Hillside and Sapphire north of the 210 Freeway) in Rancho Cucamonga have been putting on some of the best Christmas lights displays in the Inland Empire. The light displays are usually on beginning just after Thanksgiving and stay up only until Christmas day. They light up around dark and to keep the neighborhood sane, are usually turned off by 11pm. Police usually setup barricades and control traffic as Christmas approaches so to beat the crowds it's best to come early in the month of December - Don't wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas night! The light displays are around Thoroughbred near Sapphire. If coming on the 210 Freeway, exit Carnelian and go north (toward the mountains). Come early and expect to sit in a line of cars especially if you come in the days just before Christmas. The best (secret) place to park is on Vinmar Avenue or Orchard St. Come up Carnelian to Hillside, turn left and head west. Go PAST Sapphire one block and turn left on Vinmar. Follow Vinmar to Orchard and turn left, or go past Orchard and park before Sapphire. You are then a short walk down Sapphire to the lights.


We always go during the week. After seeing the mile-long lines of cars an a Saturday a few years ago, we'll never try again Fri-Sun!

THANKS!! We will give it a try one day next week.

I recently moved to the area and had the opportunity to experience the amazing display of lights last year with my 2 year old daughter and my wife. I never had anything like this where I grew up and found it to be just as exciting for me as it was for my daughter. This instantly became our family tradition and plan on visiting again this year. I would also like to show support for the families that put on this wonderful event and ask that people do a better job of respecting these beautiful homes by not allowing yourselves or others to deface property or litter on peoples lawns. This is a wonderful experience that these people have unselfishly given for all to share, so let's make sure we do our part as visitors to insure this display happens for many years to come.

I agree... I used to live in ontario area and went for the firs time. And my husband and i enjoyed it just as much as our daughter. Now 9 yrs later we continue to go every year with our 2 daughters. It has become one of our family christmas traditions.We look forward to keeping this tradition for many more years to come.

im looking into going tomorrow night.. do u by anychance know how to get there fromm the 10 freeway going west.. i live in redlands...

from the 10 you can go to 57 north to 210 east exit carnellian make right go to 19 th st. make right go to Sapphire make right go over 210 fwy . go to Thoroughbread make left and you are there.
have a great time

If you are coming from the West (Redlands), take the 15 N to the 210 W (if you go to the 57, you'll be going about 25 miles out of your way and making a big loop).. THEN exit Carnellian make a right and go up to Lemon or Banyan and make a left to Sapphire, then make another right and go a few streets up - you can't miss it from there. If it's dark, you'll already be stuck in the traffic jam so just follow everyone else. Here is a map to the area:
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Just wondering if the lights are up every day of the week or just on the weekends?

Thank you.

Seven nights a week, but most usually turn off between 8 & 9:pm Sunday-Thursday. Enjoy!

We made it tonight, PERFECT! not crowded, so I didn't have to find parking and get the kids out of the car, just drove through the neighborhood. I went about 6 pm (Thur night). I recommend going during the week to avoid the weekend crowds. Some houses were selling popcorn, churros, hot cocoa etc. My kids really enjoyed it. Next year I will drag hubby along and park the car and walk with the kids, but my kids are 2, 3, and 6 and would be all over the place and with the cars driving and no sidewalks for us to walk on I would need an extra body to help :) I hope you all get to go see it, the work these people do is amazing and I TRULY APPREICATE IT THANK YOU FROM MY AND MY FAMILY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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