Christmas Lights In Rancho Cucamonga on Thoroughbred and Sapphire

For nearly 25 years the "people of Thoroughbred Lane" (Near Hillside and Sapphire north of the 210 Freeway) in Rancho Cucamonga have been putting on some of the best Christmas lights displays in the Inland Empire. The light displays are usually on beginning just after Thanksgiving and stay up only until Christmas day. They light up around dark and to keep the neighborhood sane, are usually turned off by 11pm. Police usually setup barricades and control traffic as Christmas approaches so to beat the crowds it's best to come early in the month of December - Don't wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas night! The light displays are around Thoroughbred near Sapphire. If coming on the 210 Freeway, exit Carnelian and go north (toward the mountains). Come early and expect to sit in a line of cars especially if you come in the days just before Christmas. The best (secret) place to park is on Vinmar Avenue or Orchard St. Come up Carnelian to Hillside, turn left and head west. Go PAST Sapphire one block and turn left on Vinmar. Follow Vinmar to Orchard and turn left, or go past Orchard and park before Sapphire. You are then a short walk down Sapphire to the lights.


That sounds so SELFISH how about coming up with a solution instead of being so NASTY about it. Im sure the children arent coming around to inconvenience you just enjoying the lights. YA SCROOGE

Then why put them up every year,or is it only you with the Problem?

So move... duh.
and P.S. We're coming!!

What a grinch! You probably knew about this when you moved in.... perhaps you need to move because we have a blast here every year!

It's an amazing display of Christmas Spirit and the children love it! We are going tonight...Cant Wait!!

And.....for the resident that wants us all to go away, I understand...
I live in Redlands next to the Bowl and every Tuesday and Friday for the whole Summer they block my street, there is NO parking and I cant entertain on Friday nights because my friends have no where to park, but you know what?? I love the Bowl and the free entertainment and community spirit it represents, and I wouldn't change it for the world... I have lived here for 10 years and I have just adapted. I suggest you embrace it and join in the Christmas Spirit too! Much love to you and yours!!

Its not the cars and traffic that are upsetting but the disrespect for our property. Vandalism
has been awful and the fights and trash people leave behind. Drunk adults cussing and fighting is not what we want. It was once a very nice thing to bring your family to the lights but the last few years have gotten so scary not as many people are putting up lights as there once was. Homeowners have had to pay for private security. What a shame .

I agree. People go out of their way to provide an entertainment destination. The least the people could do is be respectful of property and not leave trash behind or allow the children to run amok.

Kind of hard to adapt to being trapped in your home every night for an entire month. The crowds have exploded in size compared to the days of old, and many people visiting the lights demonstrate absolutely no regards for the residents of surrounding neighborhoods. My quiet, residential street now looks like the I-405 at rush hour, plus about 5k pedestrians every night for more than three weeks. Sorry, but nobody who bought a home in the surrounding neighborhoods agreed to have their lives turned on end for an entire month. There's nothing to embrace, it just needs to be reigned in.


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