Information about Cherry Valley, California

Cherry Valley is famous for its small local markets that sell cherry Pies, Apple Pies, and in fact any and every thing Cherry. Located in a protective canyon at the Base of Mt San Gorgorno, one of Southern California's highest Peaks, Cherry Valley has one of those small islolated mini climates so common to the IE. For a few moments you will think you are back in West Virgina with all of the Cherry and Birch Trees.

Cherry Valley Facts

Population (year 2000): 5,891 Males: 2,831 (48.1%), Females: 3,060 (51.9%) Elevation: 2820 feet County: Riverside Land area: 8.2 square miles Zip code: 92223 Median resident age: 49.5 years


when do the local markets start selling fresh baked cherry pies?

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