CCC Camp Above Rancho Cucamonga

 As a follow up to the discussion on the Ghost Town Above Rancho Cucamonga, which turns out is an old CCC (California Conservation Corp) camp from the 1930's-1940's, today I went looking for a stone carving CCC landmark that Darryl rememberd seeing while riding motorcycles in the area 30 years ago.

This is what Darryl described:

We used to ride motorcycles thru this area when we were kids, before any of the concrete channels or homes showed up. What I have interest in, is whether or not anyone has found a nearby CCC landmark. It was a circle of trees - all alike and not native. On the edge was a large natural granite boulder. A stonemason had carved in it's face a description of the CCC camp, it's year of founding, director, etc. I've always wondered if it still exists. The boulder should be preserved, and I hope someone hasn't defaced it. We decided back then that this was their outdoor campfire/meeting area. I know it was near the remains of the old buildings, but as I remember not close to the hills.

The times i've hiked up to the camp I do remember seeing a circle of trees that had obviously been planted, but I never saw any stone carvings.  

The circle of trees is easy to see from the sky:

Picture of the CCC camp from the sky

In the circled area is the ring of trees described by Darryl and the small arrow is where I found the stone carving!  The larger red arrow to the left is the remains of the cabin about 75 yards away.

The giant stone is just a few feet off the road and partially covered by tree branches, but it's not difficult to find.  The writing was difficult for me to read but I could make out the date 1933, which matches what is carved into the base of the remaining chiminy of the main house/cabin.

Here is a photo - because of the position of the sun there was a lot of shade making it even harder to see. Click the image for a larger/full resolution view.

CCC Camp carving


It's from the Civilian Conservation Corps, not California Conservation Corps.