What kind of Indian cave art is this?

Can anyone tell me what kind of indian art this is?  I found it in a cave/rock overhang out in the Rodman mountains area last weekend when I was offroading with some friends. They told me there are rock drawings all over this area and it was no big deal but i've seen a lot of indian rock drawings in southern california and never seen any that had such a mystical type theme. these are also much more preserved than most of the ones ive seen before, i'm guessing because they arnt in sunlight. these are combination of actual scratching in the rock with a very small amount of tint. they were obviously they were very old and other than the theme and being a little brighter they look pretty much like other drawings i've seen around California. The flash on my camera makes some of the lighter colors look a lot brighter and i adjusted the contrast so the images would be easier to see. They arent quite this bright and vivid.

any info appreciated!

indian cave art


petroglyph in southern california


i've been all over the Rodman Mountains area, and most other areas in southern California from Lancaster to Borrego Springs. i have seen a lot of petroglyphs and cave type art and i've never seen any like this where exactly are these? i would love to see them

Hi Rick. I thought they were unique also, that's why i took the pictures. my buddy seemed to think they were no big deal.
I dont the exact spot because I was riding along with my friend in his 4-Runner.. I know that it was between Interstate 40 and Highway 247 in what my friend told me was the Rodman Mountain area. We started by the old Bagdad Cafe and ended up that night on Highway 247 in Lucerne Valley.. We had been driving for a few hours before we got here. We left the dirt road and were doing what my friend said was "overlanding" which was like making our own roads.. We ended up in a rocky canyon and I got out of the truck because it was so rough and rocky it was actually getting scary. One of the guys in our group got his truck stuck in the rocks so I had some time to do some exploring.

This cave which was really more like a very long/deep overhang of the giant black rocks was about 20 feet above the floor of the canyon floor. From the top of the hill above this little cave I could see what I think was the Pisgah crater miles away to the east, but the mountain was blocking my view south and west so I coulnd't really orient myself.

Do you have any idea what tribes lived in this area? I would love to do some research on them.

These are amazing and beautiful! can someone post where they are?

thos look like aliens!

Just came across this on Reddit.. I have been exploring all through this area and have seen some other petroglyph art with the same spooky theme but not in this good of shape. The Indians in this area must have been smokin some good peyote!

Pictographs or petroglyphs? Either way these look awesome and I would love to know where they are.


I've seen a lot of petroglyphs and I've never seen anything like these anywhere in California!

these are crazy looking! does anyone know the GPS coordinates??