A Blog for Alta Loma

I am so moved. A blog dedicated to my home town! I grew up in RC, well Alta Loma, and LOVED it. We moved Eastward when I was 15. I still drive by my old house, hoping to buy it back one day. Thoroughbred was one of the highlights of Dec for us back then. Called up all our friends to see which parents would drive us up there! Wow just the memories alone are great. I'm hoping to go this week with my soon to be 17 year old son (Dec 25) and my boyfriend. I'm just so happy they are still twinkling after all these years! I wish I could thank each and every one of them for the past years of enjoyment and smiles.

Great site! I have Bookmarked it and will return regularly, thank you so much for placing A.C.E (Alta Loma, Cucamonga, Etiwanda) in the "blogosphere," so people all over can read just how wonderful a place our small little haven is. I may not live in AL now but my heart will always remain there. <3

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