Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

Fontana (San Bernardino County), California Big Foot Rampages through old Fontana Drag Strip area A short-order cook who lived in the Fontana area since the 1940s, said over the years friends of his shared stories about the "Speedway Monster." He couldn't elaborate but said "some old-timers" (I'm In there somewhere) told him that back in 1951-52, a crowd of fans at the Fontana Speedway saw, at a distance, what seemed to be a hairy, two-legged giant criss-cross an open field. The criss-crossing creature appeared in the same area "quite a few times" in the early 1950s the 60's 70's and even the 80's. Despite repeated sightings of the Speedway Monster during all of these decades, no one apparently ever got close enough to identify it clearly. In 1991, on several successive nights the John Davis family heard "something heavy on two legs" run across their chicken yard. "The footfalls were so heavy-sounding the house shook," said Mrs. Davis. Mr. Davis found several of his chickens completely flattened one morning, " if something played hopscotch on those birds." The Davis' youngest son glimpsed what he described as a "real big, gray-colored ape." A section of fencing was pulled up and pet dogs howled and cowered indoors at night. The Davis home is the home you see as you travel north on Summit Ave and is located at the base of the foothills of Lytle Creek. Also in 1992, on Foothill and areas to the east, several reports came in from a couple of families traveling on Foothill about a family of Big Foots crossing over the tracks that crossed over Foothill down where Ace Hardware is located. But once the drag strip was closed after a particular nasty accident which resulted in the beheading of the driver involved, reports of Bigfoot activity in Fontana also stopped But, as it turns out, there are plenty of other Bigfoot sightings in Southern California. In fact, according to Bobbie Short, webmaster of the Bigfoot site, the first ever sightings of Sasquatch were here. "Sasquatches have been reported in remote locations of Southern California since the early 1700s," Short says. "The mission padres wrote about them." One account appeared in 1876 in a San Diego newspaper. Turner Helm's partner said the two were prospecting in different areas of Warner's Ranch when Helm saw a man covered with thick black hair, like that of a bear, but with a man's face. "He was a man of about medium size," Helms' partner said, "and had rather fine features -- not at all like those of an Indian but more like an American or Spaniard. "Mr. Helm spoke to the singular creature, first in English and then Spanish and then in Indian but the man remained silent. Mr. Helm called to me, but the wind was blowing so hard that I could not hear him. The wild man then turned and went over the hill and was soon out of sight." In 1993, a camper in Barton Flats reported being awakened in the middle of the night by footsteps outside the van he was sleeping in. Suddenly the van began rocking violently. The camper yelled and the rocking stopped. When he shined his flashlight out the van window, he says he saw a figure covered with hair, walking upright like a man as it headed into the forest. Here is the link to the site if you are interested in reading more about Bigfoot sightings in the IE and the rest of the southland. gdh



Thanks for the additional info. This Stan Johnson guy sounds like he had access to some other source of information or something. A lot of what you have reported does not seem to make sense at first, but I know there have been lots of stories about the region along the base of Mt. Baldy since I was a kid. We used to go up to Icehouse Canyon and there was always a legend about a creature up there. An old friend of mine, Patty Smith, says she saw this big hairy monster up close one night along the road going to a party in one of the side canyons. She screamed, but that monster just kept coming, and she was lucky to get out of there. It was not too long afterwards that she left town or disappeared or something - I never heard from her again.

Did Stan ever mention or write down the name Gino Dixon? I believe he was a local researcher in the 70s. A local guy named Jeff found his white Datsun truck abandoned by the side off the road up past the dam, but no sign of his wife Sherry or Gino who had been going up to look for the monster. The brake lines on the truck were damaged bad like something hit the front of the truck, or possibly cut them - but no signs of either of them. All he found were some books in the bed of the truck, some cans of Mango juice and an old KFC bucket. Did Stan ever write about this event, or talk to you about it? The Civil Air Patrol did a few SAR flights so I know about the incident, but never heard anything more about it. It was very odd.

I knew a guy named Gino Dixon when I was growning up. When I was a teenager he lived on our street in Upland. He was a college teacher or scientist or something, I don't know for sure because he was always a bit cagey when asked exactly what he did for a living.
Anyway, the thing i remember is that sometime in the late 70's or maybe very early 1980's he and his wife suddenly vanished. I remember after not seeing him for a few weeks the police showed up at his house and had it corrdined-off for a few days. The really weird thing is that on the second-day some sort of government agency arrived and removed all sorts of files, file-boxes, etc. We knew they were government vehicles because they all had those 'government' exempt license plates and some sort of insignia on the doors but nothing indicated what exactly they were. Most of them were in suites but there were a few in camo-type uniforms. The entire neighborhood was abuzz with rumors about Gino selling drugs or murdering his wife but nobody really knew what happened to him or his wife for sure. after a few months his house went up for sale - my parents said it was foreclosed. it all makes sense now but sure was a big mystery back then!

To: C. Hamilton & Anonymous,


This new information you have introduced could be very important. There are several references in the documents of Stan Johnson that mention a researcher or investigator connected to the Upland / Mount Baldy area vortex by the name of ALDER DIXON - could this be the person or relative of the person you described as GINO DIXON??? If so, then several pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together. Some of the references indicate that Alder Dixon was something of maverick researcher - very radical techniques and theories. His approach was apparently very unorthodox and brought him under the scrutiny of more than one government agency. What could be the vortex connection? The notes are mute on this point as far as I can tell.

Awaiting your response.

Mike M.

I wanted to add some detail to this comment on 'some sort' of government vehicles with those exempt plates...

My government car when I worked for local governemt had those "Exempt" plates. If they said Exempt or had a diamond with an E in it in the old days it was a State of California Vehicle, If it had a rectangle with chopped corners and an E it was a city or county vehicle. The number of Exempt plates got so large they just say exempt across the top and have a long number, no more Es.

These plates are issued to governmental agencies and are found on cop cars, fire trucks and transit district buses too, all exempt means is they are exempt from vehicle licensing fees since they are official vehicles, most meter maids will not touch an unmarked vehicle with exempt plates because you never know who is driving one. If you run a vehicle check on the tag it will come back City or County of... but not be specific on the department in most cases (this varies with the agencies involved).

In rare instances the feds or others might use them as a cover. The best undercover cop car I ever saw was in Oakland, CA a Gremlin with Illonis plates but was an OPD undercover car...

What street did you live on? Could I get an exact address

Bigfoot talked in English? ok. Let's say that these creatures are real and have been staying out of the way of humans all these centuries, think maybe they do this because they don't want anything to do with us? Why don't bigfoot hunters leave them alone!? You know if someone ever did find one (if they existed) you know some idiot will want to shoot and kill one for evidence. So again if they really exist and have survived all this time just LEAVE them the hell alone.

Hello, I'm interested in knowing more information about the Upland/Mt. Baldy vortex. I live in Baldy and would like to locate the vortex. Any information would be helpful.



I noticed your query as I was checking back on this site. You can see several of the exchanges I had earlier with a gent, Mike Minaden. I was intrigued with the information he provided, and wish he would add some more details of his work with this Mr. Stan Johnson. As I had my own experience with a creature, I am extremely interested in learning more about this - and this vortex too. I have talked with a few others, and they claim that a vortex - and something called a "transmuter" - were located behind or around Don's Hobby Hut (probably gone now). My source said the vortex was neutralized using a Nuprina Field (?), and the transmuter taken away to Wright Patterson Air Field. Also, a possible vortex that was located way the heck up off of San Antonio where the old road turned up into the mountains - there was supposed to have been some sort of military activity there in 1977 or so, with a scientist named Carnello (supposed to have been working on space ships or the like) and a military guy named Randy Justiss. My contact did not have a lot of info, but the thing may have been something called Operation Ten High.

Mr. Minaden, if you monitor this site at all, would you mind sharing any information??


I have once again gone through the documents that Stan Johnson left with me just prior to his death and there are many cryptic notes and sketches on the vortex map, but it is all very confusing. I am not familiar with the Upland/Mt. Baldy area, but I suspect that many of these notes reference particular places in the area. Unfortunately the exact location of the Mt. Baldy vortex is not indicated in the documents. The scale of the vortex map is not very detailed so only a general area is circled in red rather than a specific location.

Once I exhausted all possible interpretations of this information from Stan Johnson, I had basically given up and placed the entire matter in abeyance - until now when I saw the recent post from C. Hamilton. Some of the things mentioned are very intriguing and maybe, just maybe, shine new light on the Stan Johnson map and papers. I don't want my enthusiasm to get the better of me and cloud my judgement so I will make every effort to remain neutral and communicate my ideas in a sober and impartial manner. My sole intention is to foster serious Bigfoot research.

Having said that, what is clear from the map is that Mt. Baldy is of particular importance as it is circled many times in red. None of the other vortex locations on the map are given as much attention by Stan as the Mt. Baldy location. I sense this vortex is the key to the entire Bigfoot enigma.

Here are some things that don't make much sense to me, but may have some meaning to some of you reading this:

On the margins of the map there are some small doodles in pencil - one is of an old biplane shooting bullets at the words (in large capitals) "IRS - Don't Antagonize". Another drawing is of a circus elephant with jagged drawn arrows coming from the trunk, one points to the Mt. Baldy vortex and the other points to the general Pomona area on the map with a small red circle around the words "Pine-A-Way Vortex". Just below this are some very small and poorly written words that I think are : "10-Hi", "Sea Shells for Transmission(sp?)", and finally "Don has blocker button"

It is probably too much of a stretch, but I wonder if the note "10-Hi" could refer to Operation TEN HIGH mentioned by C. Hamilton??? Although the handwriting is very poor, I think one of the notes says "Sea Shells for Transmission", but could it be TRANSMUTER as mentioned by C. Hamilton??? I just can't tell, the hand writing is very poor. I can't find anything about a Randy Justiss or a Nuprina field, but there is a note: "Talk to CO Mark Justice re: New Preen A".

On the margins of the map there is also a note in green pencil that I think says:

"Dons - Central & Foothill - back door for Bigfoot" Also,

"How about those Dodgers - Reechard C. = Le Rocket Car Jobber, Paula is crying".

Do,these cryptic notes mean anything to anyone out there? Please let us know, we are all looking for answers to the Bigfoot mystery.

Thank you,

Mike Minaden

When are you planning on releasing that map?


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