Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

Fontana (San Bernardino County), California Big Foot Rampages through old Fontana Drag Strip area A short-order cook who lived in the Fontana area since the 1940s, said over the years friends of his shared stories about the "Speedway Monster." He couldn't elaborate but said "some old-timers" (I'm In there somewhere) told him that back in 1951-52, a crowd of fans at the Fontana Speedway saw, at a distance, what seemed to be a hairy, two-legged giant criss-cross an open field. The criss-crossing creature appeared in the same area "quite a few times" in the early 1950s the 60's 70's and even the 80's. Despite repeated sightings of the Speedway Monster during all of these decades, no one apparently ever got close enough to identify it clearly. In 1991, on several successive nights the John Davis family heard "something heavy on two legs" run across their chicken yard. "The footfalls were so heavy-sounding the house shook," said Mrs. Davis. Mr. Davis found several of his chickens completely flattened one morning, " if something played hopscotch on those birds." The Davis' youngest son glimpsed what he described as a "real big, gray-colored ape." A section of fencing was pulled up and pet dogs howled and cowered indoors at night. The Davis home is the home you see as you travel north on Summit Ave and is located at the base of the foothills of Lytle Creek. Also in 1992, on Foothill and areas to the east, several reports came in from a couple of families traveling on Foothill about a family of Big Foots crossing over the tracks that crossed over Foothill down where Ace Hardware is located. But once the drag strip was closed after a particular nasty accident which resulted in the beheading of the driver involved, reports of Bigfoot activity in Fontana also stopped But, as it turns out, there are plenty of other Bigfoot sightings in Southern California. In fact, according to Bobbie Short, webmaster of the Bigfoot site, the first ever sightings of Sasquatch were here. "Sasquatches have been reported in remote locations of Southern California since the early 1700s," Short says. "The mission padres wrote about them." One account appeared in 1876 in a San Diego newspaper. Turner Helm's partner said the two were prospecting in different areas of Warner's Ranch when Helm saw a man covered with thick black hair, like that of a bear, but with a man's face. "He was a man of about medium size," Helms' partner said, "and had rather fine features -- not at all like those of an Indian but more like an American or Spaniard. "Mr. Helm spoke to the singular creature, first in English and then Spanish and then in Indian but the man remained silent. Mr. Helm called to me, but the wind was blowing so hard that I could not hear him. The wild man then turned and went over the hill and was soon out of sight." In 1993, a camper in Barton Flats reported being awakened in the middle of the night by footsteps outside the van he was sleeping in. Suddenly the van began rocking violently. The camper yelled and the rocking stopped. When he shined his flashlight out the van window, he says he saw a figure covered with hair, walking upright like a man as it headed into the forest. Here is the link to the site if you are interested in reading more about Bigfoot sightings in the IE and the rest of the southland. gdh


I interviewed 5 witnesses in Norco who saw a large hairy man Jan.5 2008 in the Norco river bottom.On investigating the area I found and photographed a series of 22" barefoot human like prints coming out of the river 150 yds. from the sighting. This is not the first encounter in this area.I have lived on the Santa Ana river all my life and know of other sightings.I have found other prints in the past that I could not write off as hoax or anomaly.I feel these animals use the river corridors for winter travel and to escape the snow.Amazing for such a high density population area,but the fact is I could move from San Bernardino to Orange county in the river thickets and not be seen.Contact me by leaving a message at this site. mv

Ah, bull pucky - unless that quake was bigfoot jumping up and down?

My dad claims that when he was young he used to see a whole family of bigfoot. He says that the little ones used to throw pebbles at them. I grew up hearing this all my life.  He grew up in San Bernardino but I forgot what area he says that they would hang out.

I grew up in Norco and my friends and I used to ride our bikes down to the riverbottom. This was before the 15 freeway went through Norco, over 20 years ago. I, personally, have never seen anything like bigfoot, but my brothers had friends who did. The only weird things I found in the riverbottom were strange altars and dead cats and porn magazines. Oh and the occasional transient camp

The reason you have seen that stuff is because the homeless people that are in norco and mira loma and now eastvale live down there. We go riding down there all the time and you see them bathing and craping in the river. Its no bigfoot.

I believe you.Do you think he uses the river coming down from the mountains.I talk to a friend who had A encounter in Lytle creek in 2008.

I have them on video and spotted them 3 times. Love to share so info about area and including santa ana mountains. Please reply or meet for coffee or lunch on me. email me back then exchange phone numbers.

Why not just put the videos on YouTube and post the link here for everyone to see them?

I have seen them twice in the Santa Ana mountains. One sighting withing 40 feet.
I would love to talk to someone about this.

Brett, I have had 4 sightings in the santa ana mountains. Some up close. I live in Costa Mesa. call me sometime so we can talk. 714-430-0863


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