Bigfoot Survives. In The Santa Ana River...

My dad use to tell me stories of Bigfoot living up on Thomas MT just to the East of Anza. He said that he and my uncles had even shot at one while hunting big horned sheep up on the Anza flats, the area that drops down out of the mountains into the desert above Palm Springs.

My Indian relatives called big foot something else. they weren't to afraid of the creatures when they saw them, usually down by creeks fishing with there hands. But they did refer to them as Devils, or the Takwis.

I was told that they would and still do travel from the San Jacinto MT's down into the Inland areas of Riverside following the Santa Ana river all the way down to the Green river area of Corona where they fish and live amongst the trees of the Green river Golf course.

According to records of Spanish Priest in 1777, several were witnessed fishing and traversing the SA River near the Norco area just about where the current day 15 freeway is today. They would come down by the thousands from the Mts during the winter time and winter along the entire length of the Santa Ana River from Green river back up to the Grand Terrace Area of Riverside. This according to Spanish Missionaries and Monks.

According to the Spanish several were spotted in the water and when asked by there Indian slaves what these people were, they were told that they called them the Towis or Takwis and they usually avoided them because they would attach if approached.

The Spanish also reported that there was a Takwis trial that led north along the base of the Chino Hill's through Pomona into the Brea canyon area. Lots of canyons and trees for these people to hide. And in an area just north of Lavern in the San Garbreil Canyon, Takwis could be seen at night crossing the river according to the local Indian tribes and Spanish.

The Spanish referring to them as the tall red devils because of there long hair and height said that they would always go around an area if it were thought that a Takwis was about. They said they didn't need to see one to know it was there. The smell it left behind as it moved through an area was stronger than any poop smell.

According to the Spanish and Indians who lived on Thomas MT and in Anza, there were several caves in the San Jacinto MT's that the Takwis were said to live during the summer.

Several reports of large hairy figures moving through the forest down to Lake Hemet to fish are known to have been made by the Spanish and eventually white men in the area.

During the summer months, it was said that the Takwis could be seen to throw balls of fire from Lily rock. And finally where the modern day Tram is located it too was referred to as one of the home of the giant Takwis by the local Indians. Tahquitz Peak is named for the Big Foot of the San Jacinto MT's.

1930 sightings:

Several miners and fishermen from time to time would about their encounters with Big Foot. Often times as they were occupied minning, they would hear something in the underbrush and just as they look up they see a tall red or black haired shaggy like animal or human like ape fishing or walking through the swampy reeds of the Santa Ana River.

It would be days before a scarred miner would return to his diggings afraid of running to the big monsters again.

In the 1950's, several fishermen fishing in the area where the modern day 15 freeway crosses the Santa Ana, reported seeing a family of Big Foots digging along the north bank. The fishermen figured that if they left them alone the Big Foots would leave them alone to their fishing. As it happened, no one had any cameras with them to take any pictures.

1996 sightings:

A man and his son report watching two big foots up in the Northern reaches of Grand Terrace area. Other people report sighting Big Foots near the old Manza Graveyard along the Santa River.

2008: Modern Day sightings.

To this date there have been no reports of seeing Big Foot anywhere in the southern California area. So if you think you have seen one report it and become famous. Everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame, even if it is a bit skewed.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter


I once had to do some drilling in Palm Springs and I had to have two elders pay homage to Tahquitz before they would let us drill. I understood from my previous research and from two younger native Americans there that Tahquitz was a giant nocturnal hairy stinking cannibal that lived in a cave by Lily Rock near Idlewild, CA. I went to the Library and checked out a text book on the Shoshonee and confirmed that Tahquitz in the Native Myths was exactly as they described. It also had a very big voice and it was associated with ball lightning. Except for the ball lightning, it is a dead ringer for bigfoot and well the cannibal part. Anyway it is subject that fascinates me.

I did business with a older man here in Corona CA who, as a youngster, was hiking and camping on the south side of Mt. San Jacinto. Him and several other boys saw and were terrified by what they described as a gorilla-bear eating berries in a valley below them. They rushed to get away but had to spend a scary but uneventful night in the forest before getting home. Being teenage boys, they went back with guns the next day or soon after. They didn't see it but discovered a cave that smelled so bad no one would venture in. I hold this man in very high regard and would never doubt the story. Maybe a miss identification but certainly a true story.

He probably moved away from there and now living in Moreno Valley.

why would he move to that hell hole lol

any recent bigfoot sightings in Southern CA, or the San Gabriel mountains near Mt. Baldy in 2016?

Modjeska Canyon. I saw 1 really tall brown on top of a hill about 60 yards away. Another time I Saw a Coal Black one about 6 ft tall from 30 ft away. I don't have time to elaborate. But if you google "modjeska bigfoot sighting" you should be able to find what I wrote a while back. Awesome experience.

There have been Bigfoot repots north of the Cobb Estate at the North terminus of Lake Ave in Pasadena. A 6' tall adolescent Bigfoot was seen about 5:00 pm on or about May 17, 1990s North Pasadena/East Altadena, witness describes the Covered Reservoir and the hiking trail and the fire access road. Witness waved and it waved back mirroring her body actions.


THERE IS A CONNECTION BETWEEN Bigfoot throughout the Southern California Mountain Ranges. They are mobile and are not temperature adverse. Above all they are INTELLIGENT. ARGUABLY, THEY ARE AN APEX PREDATOR. THEY LIVE IN THE SAME AREA AS GRIZZLIES in British Columbia, Alberta, Alaska, Yukon. Black Bears everywhere else. When BF comes into an area they DOMINATE the micro ecosystem. Birds, Crickets, Frogs, Rodents, Deer, Pigs et al hunker down and get quiet. Black Bears have been observed seeking human protection from BF. Oh. BF has excellent night vision, though BF has been seen sniffing the air humans hiding nearby were not detected. BF sense of smell could well be as good as any animal. BF talks, they can mimic human sound. Mimicing other animal sounds is one of their hunting tactics. Bigfoot IS aware of the terror THEY AROUSE IN PEOPLE. THEY HAVE HELPED INJURED HIKERS. HAVE RETURNED LOST CHILDREN. Bigfoot will abduct if they can. Women have been taken and have been raped. Indeed, Texas Veterinarian and Bigfoot DNA researcher Dr. Melba Ketchem reportedly has begun to unravel the mystery surrounding Bigfoot. HER DATA TRACES BF ORIGINS BACK 11,000 YEARS AGO TO A HUMAN FEMALE AND AN UNKNOWN HOMINID MALE. THERE IS Bigfoot INFORMATION INDICATING A BF COUNCIL OF ELDERS. THE BF STORY SAYS THAT 750 PRISONERS OF WAR WERE BEING TRANSPORTED FROM ONE PLANET TO ANOTHER WHEN THE SHIP THEY WERE ON CRASH LANDED ON THIS PLANET. NOW, AS WILD AS THAT MAY SEEM IT LENDS SUPPORT to the Ketchem data.
If a group of males from another planet were stranded on this planet it is possible that they could have resorted to sexual contact with RESIDENT HUMAN FEMALES. THEN WHEN WE CONSIDER ZACHARIA STICHEN'S translation of ancient Suma/Sumarian texts we learn that there was alien contact and that their home world had become depleted of its gold. They needed gold miners so they bred their laborers. According to the story they were told - do not have sex with these people. At least 2 of these other world males had sex with human females; First 1, then with other HUMAN FEMALES. SO THERE IS SOME NARRATIVES THAT MAKES US AT LEAST HAVE TO PAUSE AND SSAY HMMMMMMMMM.

How do they know the Bigfoot seen in Pasadena was an adolescent? Seems like a pretty big assumption to make unless they were able to examine/interview the animal, dont you think?

The woman in the Arrowhead Lake area saw a Bigfoot in the past two years. She sued the State of California to get the state to admit and protect these people.