The Big C Above Cucamonga

It looks like someone is restoring the big "C" above Rancho Cucamonga! Its good to see that someone has some community spirit - looking at it with binoculars it looks like one guy doing all of the work.

EDIT: This video just popped up in my youtube!!!

If you havnt seen it, the big C is above the very top of Haven Avenue, and a few hundred yards west (left) of it. Last week all I could see was one line, and as of today it looks like a giant L, so all he needs to do is finish the top part and it will become a C again.

I remember seeing the "BIG C" up there when I was a kid, back when the area was called just Cucamonga (no "Rancho") - but does anyone know the history of the Big C? I always assumed it stood for Cucamonga, but I remember someone telling me the C was for Chaffey. It is almost directly above Chaffey College so that would make sense except I know that the C goes back at least to the 1940s and I dont know if Chaffey College goes back that far.

I will try to get some photos and post them but if anyone knows the history of the "C" above Rancho Cucamonga, please post a comment!


I noticed the giant "C" today and did a search and found this page! I could see several people working on it today. it's so cool!
My father told me the C is not for Cucamonga, but for "Chaffey"

Saw it from Baseline !

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