Banning Haunted Payless Shoe Store

In Banning, there is a shoe store, a Payless Shoe Store that has had it fair number of reports of a little boy that appears in the break room at the back of the store... Legend says that the little boy came into the store with his mother and wanted a pair of shoes really bad... His mother didn't buy it for him and he was quite upset... He ran out of the store and was hit by a car......

This store has not kept employees for long because each time a new employee sees the apparition, they just quit without telling anyone.. It is said that the boy appears right before the store opens and right before it closes at night.. But there is now another rumor that has it that the boy is actually the ghost of a young man who disappeared back in the 90's and was later found murdered near the present location of the store.


Just started working in this store. I openned last Tuesday and when I went into the office found the office chair taken apart and upside down. Wheels were off. Back was off.

actually this store isn't located in Banning it's located in Garden Grove and not only do we have a little boy that runs to the backroom bathroom there is also reports that an older female walks into the store we greet her and when we go check back on her we don't finder her. this has happened to me twice once in the first week i started working there and the second time when an associate and i were closing the store...

could you please tell me the address of this payless shoe store. I would like to go there and see it for myself.

It is two separate incidents at two different locations!

Not everyone can see apparitions. It doesn't mean they're not there. Some people that work or have worked there say they have seen them.They say the hospital is haunted too. I worked there for 10 years and never saw anything but a cna was napping in the break room and said he felt someone grab his foot and shake it. It woke him up and no one was there. He came running out white as a sheet! You just never know!

They said the little boy appears in break room in the a.m. and p.m., so those who said they want to see, how can you if you aren't an employee? It's very possible though. Also inBanning, there's a group home o Allen st. Next to Baptist church, in that home which was previously owned by my great aunt, her brother died in a fire (suspicious) in the mid 19 70's, and I have heard stories that employees have seen a man walking through the house. Not ever bothering anyone, just walking through there. I strongly feel that it is my greatuncle.

I worked there and he's not in the store! Just thought everyone should know, he's passed on to heaven


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