The Acapulco Inn in the Moreno Valley.

I must thank IE-Dude for reminding me of this excellent Restaurant located in what used to be turn 9 of the Riverside International Raceway. They had just finished building the new Riverside Records office when the Acapulco opened its doors to the public.

And being so different than the traditional fare of Mexican food places found in the Moreno Valley, the Acapulco was an immediate hit.

They are also fashioned after another restaurant, 'On the Border' being owned by the same group, there foods are similar, but yet they offer different specialties. The Shrimp scampi served with a green chili Verde sauce is excellent, and the Lobster and Abalone Bisque is equally some of the best Mexican sea food I have ever eaten.

A friend of mine who was out at the court house recently stopped by and had one of their new signature dishes, the salmon grilled to perfection and served with sherry butter souse, also includes a shrimp barque served on a bed of Mexican rice and a crab Enchilada. A bit pricey at over $17.00 it was magnificent and Bob is hard to please. On our next trip out there I plan on trying this item.

another favorite of mine is the Carne Asada Steak dinner, chilled overnight in a lime juice with chives, onions and tamillitos, served over Mexican rice, pilled high with green onions and bell peppers or Ortega chili's if you prefer....HuummmHummm. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

They also have a full bar and are set up like your typical sports bar with enough large screen TV's to keep you entertained. They also do catering and have rooms set aside for large parties. You must make reservations for these occasions. Otherwise, the dress is casual and walk in with some waiting on the weeknights.

In Moreno Valley they are located at 12625 Frederick Street and there phone number is 951-653-8809. Take a right and go south from the 60 freeway. Again they are located in what used to be the old racetrack and just down the street from the new civic center of Moreno Valley.

I have also the occasion to visit their Montclair location. It is at 9405 Monte Vista Ave. which is on the south lot of the Montclair Plaza next to the movie theaters. If you get off at Monte Vista Make two right sharp turns into the parking area. In case you get lost and need to contact them call 909-621-3955

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter.


ive been here its sooooooooo scary lol >;o

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