Mira Loma "Wineville Chicken Coop Murders"

Let me begin with some background info about the Chicken Coop Murder House OK?

The house i'm talking about was the scene of brutal, horrific crimes in 1928. A man named Gordon Stewart Northcott would kidnap young boys from Los Angeles and Riverside County, molest them, then murder them with an axe in chicken coops. These murders became known as the "Wineville Chicken Coop Murders". This is the reason Wineville had to change it's name from Wineville to Mira Loma. These events became the basis for the movie Changeling with Angelina Jolie.

After seeing the movie, my family wanted to see the original house or ranch. The original property has been minimized and there is now a newer home in front of it. One night a couple of my relatives and I took a drive to see the infamous property. Now it could have just been my nerves but I felt uneasy the entire time. When i was there I felt like I was surrounded. Like I was being watched. We didn't stay for very long because it was just too uncomfortable being in a place where such horrific things happened. When i left I thought (I'm not 100% sure more like 86%) that i heard footsteps behind me. It couldn't have been my relatives because they were in front of me. i jogged to the car after that.

That's my ghost story. If you don't believe dont be rude about it alright.


My aunt live like a block a way where it all happened and she has seen ghost in her house. So have her kids it's really creepy! When we go i hate staying at her house i get such a bad vibe. I really do t believe in ghost but one time we stayed there and she has horses and they were going crazy at night and my uncle went outside to see what was wrong and he came back in pale white and he thought he seen a boy and he did not want to go back outside. We were all so scared i could not sleep that whole night! But from we had heard from the neighbors that the house was built on the property where it all happened but who knows.

I pass by that house all the time I live in Mira Loma. ... I never experienced the ghost sightings .. but it must've been so scary for those kids .

Me too Sylvia

Did anyone ever notice the word Evil in Wineville?

This might seem crazy but in fact I know this city is haunted. In 2007 my wife and I purchased a home about 1/4 mile away from where the chicken coop murders took place. A few months later we witnessed something that forever changed the vibe in our home. It was in the month of october of 2007, my wife and I had just returned from my niece birthday party in Los Angeles it was about 1am in the morning and we were sitting in the dining room table talking about the party we had just came back from. My son at the time was 9 years old and was already asleep in his room, when all of a sudden both my wife and I saw a body of a little boy wearing what appeared to be denim overalls with a white shirt stepping halfway out of my son's room. My wife yelled my son's name hysterically and ran towards the room to see what was going on. I knew it was not my son immediately because of the description of the clothing, and I just froze dead stop trying to analyze what had just happened. As my wife walked back towards the dining room she asked me "did you see that!" and I answered yes! After that night we did not see anything else. It was after that night that I realized that what my son would tell us was true. He had previously told us that he would see a little boy looking at him sitting in a corner of his room, we thought at the time he was just imagining things like many other kids at that age. For a few months my son even slept in another room in the house and always asked for us to leave a lighted candle in the room. It was until 2010 that we saw the movie changeling that we realized that the city of Mira Loma had a horrific past. To keep it short we've had several family stay here in the past to sleep and many of them have complained about seeing and hearing weird ghostly activity in my home. Since then many of our visitors refuse to stay here and sleep.

Why has this house not been torn down many years ago ?

The house is still intact. It has been renovated and updated over the years. The majority of the property's boundaries and outbuildings have been cut back and sold off, causing the house to appear as if it's been moved from the original lot.

Whatever happened to the mother of pedophile killer, Gordon Stewart Northcott. In the account, she was not given the death sentence because "she's a woman." She was only given a prison sentence and was released later. Other than the fact that she died of old age, what else happened to her after she was released from prison?

The mother was never released from prison, she died in there.

There's an excellent book on the subject called "The Road Out Of Hell" written in 2009 by Anthony Flacco. I just acquired the book and haven't started it yet, but the question of whether the mother was released or died in prison is probably adequately addressed. My earlier research recalls she was released, but that may be from watching the movie which (like most docu-dramas) is a lot of bullshit and rewritten history.


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