Have I got a Gold Mine to sell ya?

'Yes Indeed, Mr Kenworthy....I've found a mine that got millions waiting to be dug out, I just don't have the capital or the partners to help finance the venture. Now Mr Kenworthy, ya looks like a man of means and I was wondering if you would like to increase for fortune by buying me mine.'

That's the gist of the conversation that took place between an English Gentleman and a scoundrel of a man who's only dirt ever dug, was done within the confines of the territorial Prison in Riverside and the only gold he mined was out of the pockets of Mr. Kenworthy.

This unnamed gentleman, took Mr Kenworthy up to the mine located on the south flanks of MT San Jacinto, showed him the mine and the gold pressed into the sides of the caves. Mr. Kenworthy, an easily impressed man bought his show hook line and sinker. The only gold he ever was to find was the gold that had been pressed onto the sides of the cave.

Before Mr. Kenworthy realized that he had been conned, he had been fleeced out of more than $10 Million, money that he had used to finance his gold mine venture, almost his entire fortune.

Mr. Kenworthy, being rather despondent over his losses, went to his insurers, Lloyds of London, to seek compensation. The Barters at Lloyds refused to cover his losses when they learned of the circumstances of the salting of the mine.

Mr Kenworthy remained a broken man, never again to attain his riches. His mine closed in 1894, he died a few short years later in Hemet a beggar, living off the good graces of some of his friends.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter

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