Ghosts at Hillside Cemetery in Redlands

I live in Yucaipa, and in high school when we were bored we would head down to Redlands and drive around and what not. and few friends and I got into the habit of going to prospect park and other "haunted" places. I swear this story is completely 100% true with no fabrication what-so-ever.

Just a random night meeting up with a few friends, deciding on what to do. A friend suggested bowling, so Empire Bowl it was. By this time we'd met up with some girls, and of course, we boys began talking about "scary" places to go. Wouldn't you know it about 10 of us rolled up to hillside.

Strawberry D'Lish Pinups

Hello everyone just wanted to share my expierence about Strawberry D'Lish Pinups. They Made me feel and look amazing! I havent felt that way in a long time! I am a 35yr old woman who needed a lil change so I contacted this great woman who did wonders. She did my Makeup/hair/photography PINUP STYLE, All sizes are welcome is the best part of it! Not only that they are out of the Inland Empire and do a lot of they're shoots in Redlands. Check them out and LIKE their page on Facebook.