Rancho Cucamonga

The city of Rancho Cucamonga, California

The Sycamore Inn Meets The New Year With Great Food And A Murder Mystery

The Sycamore Inn Is One Of My Favorite Ritzy Restaurant To Visit And The Owners Of The Sycamore Inn Bring In The New Years With A Classic Murder Mystery Somewhat Akin To The Dinner Murder Trains Of The Napa Sanoma Wine Country.

Along With The Murder That Unfolds Right In Amongst The Tables, The Inn Offers Interactive Comedy And Great Food.

Cucamonga is alive with the dead

One of my relatives reports that when he was a kid delivering newspapers in Alta Loma he came around a corner one Sunday morning and found herself surrounded by dead confederate soldiers. Hundreds of them were crawling and reaching for her help. She was so horrified and scared that she threw the papers in the street and went home to get her mom. She said that she drove him back to the street to get the his papers and finish the route but also to see what it was that had so scarred him. But when she got back to the bloody scene we found nothing. Even the papers were gone.

Watch out for flying heads at Bear Gulch.

Urban legends? ghost stories? you decide.

Over the years I had read numerous stories of the old days in Rancho Cucamonga. different stories, haunting's, strange noises and ghostly sightings, many I believed and many I didn't. some of stories were simply urban legends. Other's; friends of mine had heard and passed on to me. And one or two I witnessed myself.

Here then are some of the stories, some true, some false, plus haunting's, and urban legends all surrounding the red hill area..