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UFOs over the 60 Freeway

In approximately 1980 in the summer, my husband and I were leaving Hollywood going west on the Pomona Freeway headed toward the 57 Fwy. to our home in Brea. It was late and a dark night. As we were driving I noticed two lights hanging just above the hills off to the left. The lights were not level, the one on the right was lower than the one on the left. They were both very bright and not too high up in the sky, but high enough that they could not be part of the landscape.

SyFy Channel show looking for severely haunted houses in Southern California


A world-renowned paranormal investigator
may be able to help, and your case could be
documented on SyFy Channel's Haunted Collector, a hit reality show.

Please detail the threatening phenomena,
the location (home, business, or other), and
any relevant history. Please include your
location, name, and contact information. If
possible, please also include photos of
yourself and the location. Submissions