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Haunted Bar

From 1933 to 1987, my business was known as Chatfield Bar. It is located in Southwest Detroit, Michigan. I acquired the Bar in 1987 and renamed it Sidekicks Saloon. For 26 years we have gone through a lot of changes and families, therefore, I'm not surprised at all over the extra energy we have hanging around especially at closing time. When a regular patron expires, they find a way to let us know their still around. I am not scared of them and they seem to leave us once they have found peace in their new surroundings. I have taken care of two of my regular customers until they died.

Old Map of The Inland Empire / San Bernardino Mountains

While trying to identify structures in the hills above Rancho Cucamonga discussed on our article about the ghost town above Rancho Cucamonga (you can read HERE), Shelli Godinho was kind enough to provide us with this copy of a San Bernardino Mountain Area map published by the U.S. Forestry Service in 1965.

My Secret Parking area for Disneyland


Obviously Disneyland and California Adventure aren't in the Inland Empire, but because so many Inland Empire residents go to Disneyland often or are annual passholders, I wanted to share our "secret parking spot" that we use every time we go to the resort.
Technically if you visit Disneyland or California Adventure, you aren't supposed to park in this area.  As you approach Disneyland all of the