The city of Fontana, California

What's in a Road Name.....its takes you to the California Speedway

Just take Speedway Boulevard to get there.....Wow something I suggested to a friend who works at the speedway might happen for real...Amazing.

That's what race fans and customers of nearby businesses could be told if California California Speedway might pursue changing Cherry Avenue's name to Speedway BoulevardSpeedway moves forward with the idea of renaming Cherry Avenue to Speedway Boulevard from the 10 Freeway to the 210 Freeway.....The name change might make it easier for out-of-town race fans to find the track or for customers to find businesses such as tire and body shops.

Skiing, Inland Empire style; The ski Resorts of the San Gabriel's

The Mountains to the north of Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Lavern and Fontana, are known as the San Gabriel Mt's, featuring some of the steepest terrain on the west coast. Snow fall varies from year to year, like 2006 which saw 260 inches of snow fall across the steep rims of Mt Cucamonga, Mt Ontario and Krata Ridge, to as little as this years 30 inches.