The city of Fontana, California

My Paranormal Experience in Fontana

First of all, I am not into paranormal stuff, that is my sister's department.
Anyway, in 1991, I was house hunting in Fontana where I lived from age 2 to age 27. At the time I was 22 years old.

There was a small 2 bedroom house with a for rent sign, it was on Oleander off of Arrow. I saw workmen inside painting or carpeting, I can't remember now. Anyway, the door was open and I figured the owner was inside, if not I could at least take a peak at the house to see if I was even interested in the place.

The KKK In Fontana

After the civil war and the south on the losing side, many of the southerns moved to Fontana and Rancho. The Sycamore In's owner 1865 was a confederate sympathizer.

The KKK was formed shortly after the 1890s. Mr pepper was the founder of the KKK in Fontana. The blacks that also came after 1890 were forced to live on the north side of Fontana. The bed rock track is still there till this day. It went from Beech east, Highland south, Baseline north and Oleander west.

Fontana Is Bizarre

Fontana has always been a bizarre place.

I grew up in Fontana and my Dad worked at the steel mill. I remember going through some difficult times when it shut down. I remember going out to the mill with my Dad to get his paycheck on Friday's and then cashing it a the Keystone. We would go to the 4 marks bar where he would have one beer and I would have a basket of french fries and a Coke. Kids could sit at the bar back then and it was no big deal. I was only five in 1977 but I remember it like yesterday. I had fun and looked forward to

Haunted House in South Ridge Fontana

Has anyone had any ghost experiences in Fontana "South Ridge" area?

My Parents have a house off Jurupa St. across the street from a steel place the house was a new tracking home when they purchased it but everyone in my parents place has experience many ghost activity. There is foot steps up stairs when no one is up stairs there are doors that slam shut, the microwave fan turns on by its self, the lights flicker almost turning off with us being in the kitchen. One of my brothers has seen seen shadows outside our back yard window.