Upland actor goes from Wal Mart to 'Pirates'

Upland Actor has part in both sequel's to Pirates of the CaribbeanDon't even think about messing with Dave Prak and Jonny Depp, even if Depp is a two-dimensional cardboard picture.....Prak, a resident of Upland stars in the two "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels......He is seen often in "Pirates of the Caribbean 3, At World's End" as a member of Chow Yun-Fat's pirate crew, following up on a role as a cannibal in the second "Pirates" movie......Before that? He Worked at Wal Mart..

The Upland man was a salesman in the pet department for more than two years before leaving quietly in 2005 to pursue acting full-time.....He kept quiet about his acting gigs because he wasn't sure how anti-union Wal-Mart would feel about his Screen Actors Guild membership.....He was afraid that Wal Mart, one of the worlds largest Non Union employers, would fire him as soon as he divulged his acting aspirations.

Prak, a Cambodian refugee when he arrived here in 1981, attended Bonita High School and later moved to Upland....He spent nearly 18 months in Dominica and the Bahamas shooting the two "Pirates" sequels back to back.....Most days he worked from 3 a.m. to 10 p.m.....He says he was disappointed because he never had the chance to go off on his own and explore his the Islands or its peoples.....Although, he says that the beautiful settings and unforgettable experience kind of made up for it.

While Prak has no lines in "Pirates" 2 or 3, he is on screen multiple times.....He also appeared in three commercials, making a busy man indeed.......Despite keeping his "Pirates" work on the QT, Prak's former Wal-Mart co-workers found out.....They spotted him in commercials for the movie......He dropped by Wal-Mart recently to meet a friend and discovered that everyone knew of his new career......His former supervisor even surprised him with an offer......They wanted him to come back and work, non union of course......They said he was a good worker, but Prak responded why would he want to go back to a non union job that paid $12.00 an hour, while one commercial paid him $120,000 and he has a small percentage of the gross earned by Pirates for the rest of his life.

No offense to Wal Mart, but would you return to Wal Mart to work after working for the big bucks.....Only when I am about 90 and need something to do, a friend has told me....As for Prak, he told them, I have other plans, sorry.

Gary Hall the ghostpainter

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