Grand Blvd, in Corona.....

Built for Commerce, and one of a kind....And Racing?

Grand Blvd in Corona was built in 1896 as a one of a kind road for a one of a kind city, Corona....Known as the Circle City, the City Fathers of Corona envisioned there city as the crossroads of the Inland Empire.....and they wanted something that would remind citizens around the area of that image, so they hired an Anaheim Engineer by the name of Kellogg, to build the perfect round road, and he did.

The Navy in Corona....

Yes I said the Navy.....What's the US Navy doing in Corona California?.....Testing new Weapons is what the Navy is doing in Corona....And just try driving onto the base uninvited or not knowing where you are supposed to be going.....Several Angry looking Marines with machine guns will greet you before you have a chance to turn around....I know, I was supposed to be there and I took the wrong turn....Boy was I embarrassed.

So why is the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) located in Corona....Well it all started back in 1928 with a Luxury hotel and ended in 1929 with the stock market crash.....The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Corona Division, a Naval Sea Systems Command activity, is the Navy's only independent analysis and assessment center.....The mission of the NSWC Corona Division is to "Gauge the warfighting capacity of ships and aircraft, from unit to battlegroup level, by assessing the suitability of design, the performance of weapons and equipment, and the adequacy of training.".....In order to carry out this mission, NSWC Corona Division possesses a number of unique capabilities......Foremost among these is the Warfare Assessment Laboratory, the cornerstone of an integrated approach to warfare assessment and the focal point of internal and external interconnectivity.

The War Of the World Was Fought In Corona, and other interesting facts

Corona is home to one of the largest cheese factories in the world, the Golden Cheese Company of California.....Quite a place, one can become very happy there, if you like cheese that is. It is also home to the Fender Guitar custom factory.....We just bought a Fender for Little David, my Nephew. The original movie, War Of The Worlds, was partially filmed in Corona near the southern part of the city that rises up to the Santa Ana Range.....Many of the Army and UFO fight scenes were shot in this area and the Atomic Bomb blast was shot from the top of the Mountains near Saddleback looking north.....They actually painted the mountain range to the north to look like the Mountains to the north of the San Fernando Valley....The San Gabriel's, which are to the north of the Pomona Valley and the Cucamonga area were actually masked off for the shot, then repainted....In fact, if you watch closely, you can see the old 71 highway snaking through the canyon and the buildings making up the old Toms Farms on the right side of the screen.

Toms Farms: Inexpensive Family Fun

Toms Farms in Corona is a great place to spend an afternoon fun or shopping - or both. In Corona since 1971, Toms Farms is famous for their wine shops, gift stores and carnival rides. They even have an authentic old-fashioned railroad (replica) to ride on. Taken from the Toms Farms website: Expanding from their humble beginnings as a fruit stand on the side of the road, TOM'S FARMS have grown to become an attraction for families of all ages. People come for the fresh produce, wine and cheese shoppe, duck pond, country furniture store, and variety of restaurants and entertainment for the kids. More info: