Haunted House in Chino Hills

Chino Hills - This haunted story is of a man who escaped from Chino prison, stalked a family killing the mother, father and sister and just cut the boy's ears.

They say if you go to the house you will see blood prints and the ghosts of the family. - July 2005 Update: recently the sole survivor made a statement recounting the murder.....This sounds to much like the one handed man with an ice hook that searches out stranded drivers late at night... No wait, that is another urban myth.. Well at least it is located in the same general area.

City of Chino's Youth Christmas Parade and Fair on December 9th, 2008.

On December 9th, the City of Chino will once again host its annual Youth Christmas Parade and Fair in the City’s downtown.  The parade route begins on Riverside Drive at Yorba Avenue and then turns south on Central Avenue, ending at City Hall.

When the fog turns green in Chino watch out for the hook....

This Urban legend has been around for a log time but many people believe it is true, especially in Chino along the Pomona expressway down towards the Prado Dam, an area well known for its 'Green Fog'

The story begins according to the CHP begins with the escape of a prisoner from Chino Men's Prison. The man, when escaping, got his hand caught in the top razor sharp wire and lost his hand when hee sawed his way free, of course leaving his hand behind to be discovered by Prison Guards the next morning who were searching for him.

R250, watch for Coyotes playing on the runway....

What do ya mean watch out for the Coyotes....I'm coming in at 150 kts....You nuts!
Recently I have heard that the Coyotes and airplanes have been competing for space at Chino Airport.....Can you imagine trying to land a small plane and having animals run across the main runway in front of you....That enough to make you want to quit flying.....But the problem seems to have subsided now since traps have been set.....And dont worry, these are live traps....The people doing the trapping take them up into the foothills and releases them.

The danger posed by the coyotes resulted in airport officials recently hiring a private contractor to capture the animals, and at least five coyotes have been caught......In four separate instances in April, pilots reported spotting coyotes on the runways......The busy public airport recorded more than 400 takeoffs or landings that month.