(Haunted) Bloomington High School Auditorium

At Bloomington High School, rumors are that Late at night in the Auditorium, Screams and footsteps can be heard.  When checked, and the lights turned on, nothing can be seen and the noise stops...

Some Janitors that work at the high school have reported that they were pushed down the stairs unexpectedly.. The story behind this is that a Drama Teacher working alone fell into the pit area and died.. Police said it was accidental.. But her wrist's were broken, indicating that she'd been pushed.

The Auditorium is now dedicated to that Drama Teacher... If you ask me sounds like a case of murder, but then what do I know, huh!


I recently graduated from Blooming High School. i was in Stagecraft for 3 years and have experienced a few things in the auditorium, from seeing a male's face on the wall where backstage and the stage connects to seeing a male figure on the staircase leading to the costume room, to seeing Posters and thumb tacks falling off in the green room. I'm not sure if it's either Mrs. Bish or Charlie but i'm certain of the fact that something is going on in there.. c/o 2011

Didn't that happend like 14 years ago?

My son was in the drama department when she died. Does anyome remember him? His name is Kevin Eberle. He was also very active in the band department.

My father Joe Myers was a custodion for years, before the new auditorium was built. He passed 09/09/1999. I am sure alot of you knew him. Rest in peace. But he is still with us in many ways, too hard for me to explain.

it was sum dumb fuk that got push off and died

I once went to the bathroom alone then i tempted to go inside the auditorium it was dark all the light where out when i got scared i tryed to run out and the door was locked i turned around and then i felt someone push me i started to roll and i ended up next to the stair steps when i got up i looked to the left hand side and i heard screches and then when i got out i had scratches all over my arms

I am a junior at bloomington high school. Ive heard many different stories about the custodian and mrs. bish. i decided to go to the bottom of the stage with my best friend and take look. Luckily i had a camera with me. When i went in it felt so eerie and strangly cold. the worse part is that when your under the stage, people are walking, it seems like its gonna fall on you. Anyways, i decided to take a picture with my camera, with flash on, around the room. Then later went upstairs to the light room and took some pictures, yes, the stair are really steep so it would be impossible for others to run. I latee found another room that was under and across the light room that was really dark and strangely a chair there. I decided to do the same thing that i did in the orchestra and take pictures with flash. I see another door inside that same room, and i tried taking a picture but my flash was strangely not working when it has been working for other pictures. That room behind that door was dark and eerie. After i was done taking pictures, i looked through the album of my recents. I zoomed inyo the picture that i took in the orchestra and... there appeared to be 4 transparents orbs that were very close to each other. I felt so strange. i started to freak out. Then i look into another picture in the same room, there was another orb! It was really transparent. It was a perfect shaped orb. It would be impossible for it to be dust or a reflection because there are no mirrors or any glass of any kind! Ive shown it to my friends but think its false. But if you were to think about it, spirits become orbs, stories in the auditorium, and strange eerie feeling. Go in there and take pictures if you dare.....