(Haunted) Bloomington High School Auditorium

At Bloomington High School, rumors are that Late at night in the Auditorium, Screams and footsteps can be heard.  When checked, and the lights turned on, nothing can be seen and the noise stops...

Some Janitors that work at the high school have reported that they were pushed down the stairs unexpectedly.. The story behind this is that a Drama Teacher working alone fell into the pit area and died.. Police said it was accidental.. But her wrist's were broken, indicating that she'd been pushed.

The Auditorium is now dedicated to that Drama Teacher... If you ask me sounds like a case of murder, but then what do I know, huh!


I also attended attended BHS and heard the stories of Charlie the construction worker as a freshman. I was told the stories of Charly by other students and older graduates. These stories had been circling for some time as most alumni are familiar with them.

The story of Charly, the way I was told and the way I remeber it goes as follows. When the auditorium at BHS was beeing built there was a death of a construction worker named Charly. I don't recall the circumstaces of his death but he was buried in one of the walls of the auditorium. This is why there is no record of his death. There was only a disapearance. As a result of his untimely death and burial his ghost is know to haunt the auditorium.

Now, on to the drama teacher.

My sister was a student of Vivian Bish when she passed away. We were both attending BHS at the time. I was a Junior and my sister a freshman. My sister was in the drama teachers first class of the day. She and her classmates found the Ms. Bish face down in the orchestra pit the morning of the accident. They were the first to see her, that anyone knows of. The lights were out and it appeared there was no one else in the auditorium. Ms. Bish was well loved by her students. When they learned of her death the next day everyone was upset and deeply disturbed. Many of the class were excused early to grieve.

Rummors started immediately that she was pushed or that she had an encounter with Charly, and so on and so forth. The death was ruled as an accident. The authorities figured she hadn't turned the lights on, didn't see the edge of the stage and mis-stepped right over the edge of the stage. I've always wondered if that's what really happened. Was there a discruntle student?(she didn't appear to have any) Did she have an encounter with Charlie? (Is Charlie even real?) Why would she be in the auditorium with out any lights on? Why would she not be aware of the edge of the stage when she spent so much time on and around that stage? Maybe someday we'll have some answers and maybe until then Vivian Bish will continue to haunt the auditorium.

I'm a freshman now and when I was in room A315 on March 6 I saw an orb of light that manifested in front of me then disappear into my phone then my phone died could some one look into that please

Everyone knows the legend of Charlie. The story was he was a drunken construction worker and died while working on the school, drunk. There is a cross on the ceiling stage left in the wings by the prop/costume room. The other side has no cross.
In 2004 I took acting during summer school. Some of the kids there decided to call out to Charlie. They asked for him to do something, anything, to show he was there. Suddenly all the lights in the house and on stage went off. Mrs. Wright, the current acting teacher, and a few students (including myself) ran through the auditorium and up the stairs into the light booth to find it deserted. Now though this may seem like some kids playing a prank and taking off afterwards, you have to understand there is only one way to and from the light booth... down a steep and narrow stair case. People who have been working there for years are still very cautious while traversing these steps. It is impossible to run down this staircase. None of us can explain it.
There have also been occasions where we would go upstairs in Charlie's wing to the prop room, the entrance to which is located below the cross only to find ourselves temporarily locked in. We tested the door knob and lock and had no problems unless there was a small group alone in the room.
Also, you can hear someone walking across the cat walk only to find that no one was there.
Charlie is seen as harmless and just a prankster. No one is really scared of him.

ok! the acting teacher did not die at the school and she wasn't pushed...She fell got hurt and lived...she was my aunt! people need to get this fake story stright!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually Ms. Bish did die, so the acting teacher your talking about is someone else.


the ghost story are real i have seen them 1st hand i now work here at night and i have to clean the rooms all by my self . HELP!!!!! he has me traped in the wall with him

 So.. A ghost tricked you to climb into the wall, and has now trapped you there?  Just you and the ghost? trapped? in the wall? with.. your computer.. and an internet connection?

We're you high on weed or something?

ok so i have been working at this school at night for the past 4 years. Since then i have yet to see or hear anything. not only do i go into the auditorium but have to clean in the far back dressing room. The only thing I could clame to is the feeling of something watching me like ther are eyes on me at all times when i am in the main room of the auditorium. it could just be me and the storys the play in my head but ther is yet to be anything that I have seen or heard. IF SOME ONE HAS ANY TRICK TO GET THEM TO PLAY LET ME NO AND I WILL GET BACK TO U TO TELL U HOW IT WENT....