Agua Mansa Road Ghost

One day we decided to go off roading down by the Santa Ana river off of Agua Mansa Road. This part of Agua Mansa near the river is where a lot of people gather for off road and BBQ.

Well anyways one of the guys that went with us saw a ghost apparition of a little Indian girl. He thought he was going to run over her but then she disappeared right in front of him! He really freaked out and swore never to go back there again.


I'm on my way right now, wish me Perris...

Definitely cold and heavy atmosphere at arrival. It seems like a great place to ride but street a couple mountains. It stars feeling WEIRD there. Sorry for the lack of words just can't describe. It's like heavy with energy chased me out def creeped the hell out of me. I heard some very CLEAR ANN CLOSE ENOUGH FOOTSTEPS APPROCHING IN THE SAND. I TURNED ON LIGHTS NO ONE WAS AROUND I'M DISTURBED BY THIS PLACED NEVER GOING BACK I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS HAUNTED NEW TO THE I.E. SO I WASNT FAMILIAR BUT YA THAT PLACE IS SCARRY

Here's a story that happened to a group of my girl cousins:
They were driving down the road at about two A.M. They saw a man, and so they decided to pick him up, as he was coming home from a party. They got his number, and took him home, a couple of weeks later, one of the girls called the man to check up on him, and a lady answered the phone, "Is this a joke?"
"No, we picked him up and dropped him off at his house, but never got his name, he was coming home from a party."
"He died coming home from that party three years ago!" Cried the lady.

My cousins never returned to Agua Mansa Road.

My brother john and uncle mateo both now in heaven one night as both drove down aguamansa rd decided to pick ip a hitchchiker, the man was around his mid 40s.he was tall and slender built. My brother john said that he thought that the hitchchiker was my tio jose do to the hammers (beers) that him and my tio mateo had drank. They partied across aguanansa rd. until they came to the stop on rancho av. They said the hitchhiker got off there and to my uncle and johns amaze disapeared all of a sudden.

Ok I lived on that street 815 agua mansa my mom still lives there ok im 40 now and I remember living there me and my ssisterwo Rose would walk it every day all hours of. The day we moved from B st and Rancho I was like 12 or 13 my sister is a year older then me yes that road had a lot of stories it was so creepy walking at 5am to school in Colton to Washington continuation. Oh my gosh we were so brave 2 girl regularly walking agua mansa road in the 90s I think it was like 1988 till 91I think crazy cruising days creapy place I don't know but I never did the miles I'd walk my mom still lives there yes it is scarry day and night