Agua Mansa Road Ghost

One day we decided to go off roading down by the Santa Ana river off of Agua Mansa Road. This part of Agua Mansa near the river is where a lot of people gather for off road and BBQ.

Well anyways one of the guys that went with us saw a ghost apparition of a little Indian girl. He thought he was going to run over her but then she disappeared right in front of him! He really freaked out and swore never to go back there again.


Same thing happened to my great grandmother back in the 80s, she saw an Indian person in the road and swerved then proceeded to flip her car. Agua Mansa has got to be one of the most haunted places in the IE. I lived literally 2 minutes away from Agua Mansa for about 7 years and i can tell from personal, family, and friend experiences that that road is definetly haunted. I could tell you countless stories about that road and none of them are good. Thers a sacred Indian burial ground just off the road from when the Santa Ana flooded back in the 1800s and killed 100s of native indians, and somebody went gravedigging and headstone changing in the late 1800s and early 1900s so that was said to have disturbed the spirits and now they roam. Theres also an infamous story about a man walking his dog and he seems to disappear into thin air. Everybody in South Colton knows about Auga Mansa and will tell its not to be messed with.

Where abouts is the location of the Indian burial ground? What are the nereast cross streets?

Wow this place sounds haunted..Does anyone have any more stories??

As a teenager back in the 1970's - I've heard enough scary accounts from other people who ignored the haunting stories and would somehow be on  Agua Mansa Road. Most of the encounters were in the vicinity of the Agua Mansa cemetary.  I remember the place at that time was a bit delapitated. Another curious thing was that at that time, the cemetary wasn't even placed on the map. Only the locals knew about it. 

FYI- It is illegal to off-road in the Santa Ana River Bottom and if you are caught by either the Riverside or San Berdoo Rangers or Sheriffs the fines are expensive and they have started confiscating the vehicles. 2 people have been died down there in the past few years---I am not a tree huger--but-- leave the river bottom alone-- the hoards of senseless OHV users have destroyed all of the natural habitat down there and in the surrounding La Loma Hills no more wildlife exists.

I remember when I was young me and my family used to take drives on agua mansa rd at and one night we were driving sorta fast when all of a sudden we saw a man standing in the middle of the road and before we new it he went right through our car omg my family was so freaked out, tht road creeps me out

I agree the rd is very creepy and felt really sad going down it at night. I don't know if it was because of what I knew happened there or what

I live near Agua Mansa Road. One time my sisters and I decided to go and take a drive after a long day. When we got to Aqua Mansa its was dark it was around ten at night I believe. Well to continue we seen that the signs were up side down and they weren't in English but they had like scratches on it. Then when we kept going down the road my sister screamed and said she seen a man ! At the time my oldest sister was pregnant.

Why we went down the road I don't know. But she had said she had a dream that night of a lady with her children laughing and was sitting in the grass . We decided to go again during the day and the signs weren't upside down and they were in English. Two days after my sister went into labor . It was so scary , but for some reason its just so interesting.

I'm on my way right now, wish me Perris...

Definitely cold and heavy atmosphere at arrival. It seems like a great place to ride but street a couple mountains. It stars feeling WEIRD there. Sorry for the lack of words just can't describe. It's like heavy with energy chased me out def creeped the hell out of me. I heard some very CLEAR ANN CLOSE ENOUGH FOOTSTEPS APPROCHING IN THE SAND. I TURNED ON LIGHTS NO ONE WAS AROUND I'M DISTURBED BY THIS PLACED NEVER GOING BACK I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS HAUNTED NEW TO THE I.E. SO I WASNT FAMILIAR BUT YA THAT PLACE IS SCARRY


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