Haunted Houses and Scary Places in the Inland Empire


On this page are some of the most famous or infamous haunted houses and scary places in the Inland Empire.. I hope I make you look over your shoulder and perhaps even send a chill down your spine as you read.

Last updated: August 2013



if anyone is interested, me and two other friends of mine are looking for more people that are wanting to go to some locations and are willing to take the job serious...no joking or messing around, over 18 and can drive the team around."why"? you ask, first contact me by email via gmail/erickcabral93@gmail.com and i will give you more info and ask some questions.

Me and my husband are interested in participating... we are big believers in the paranormal since we both have experienced many encounters with paranormal activity... please reply to my email

Some people are gifted some are not. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have. And since when did stoners see ghosts? The smoking weed comments always get blown out of proportion. Weed intensifies everything. Try it and maybe your little brain will expand.
I have seen ghosts with my ex girlfriend and also with a very good friend so I know I'm not crazy. In order to see these ghosts and spirits your mind must be at ease.This world is too complex to be thinking in one direction.

Just trying to find some haunted house in chino hills or chino to take the kids for some fun. Anyone know...I know it's last min but help if u can please.....

These places are spooky if you can work your way in:
The underground turbines in Redlands: enter the sanky (zanja, a historical irrigation ditch) on the north side of West State Street just West of Eureka, West of the old Redlands Mall. Go inside the tunnel and follow it East, if you can stomach it. It is very dark and creepy, but if you keep going, you will find what looks to be an old mill or power plant, under the Redlands Mall. Pretty nifty.
The Barton House: This place is haunted. No doubt. It is an office building now, but the nearly 150 year-old mansion is a hotbed of paranormal activity. It sits on the site of not only a Cahuilla burial ground, but also the site of a massacre of Spanish missionaries. Creeptastic! You can find it on Nevada Street in Redlands, just North of Barton Road.
The old Harris Department Store in downtown San Bernardino: This place is haunted by a little girl that died in the elevator shaft. Seriously creepy. If you can get in (it is closed to the public) It is like stepping onto the set of Mad Men- much of the decor from the early sixties still exists inside.
The Hawks Head restaurant, Oak Glen, CA: I am not sure what the story is here, but it has a great creepy ambiance to eat in; candelight, hardwood floors, and colonial ambiance!
There's my list. Have fun!

I was smoking hookah tobacco in my room
One night with my fiance. We were allmost done in
She said to get the foil for the filter. so then I went in the living room
The window was blinds were open in you guys must of seen the movie the fog.
So then I saw a thick fog. Went by. I got one of those tingles in still moment. I was curious I thought to look out the window I was cold still.

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Idlewild loge black mountain in anza and lake fullmore past pine cove those places are haunted I lived up there for 8 years in the 90's and 8 year's was a good amount of time to explore the places I mentioned. Believe me thise places are as haunted as the human mind


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