The Scary Mt. Rubidoux

Adjacent to the haunted Riverside Cemetery is Mount Rubidoux..  This place was weird when I was a kid and it has not changed. The locals say that at night, you can see ghosts walking across the top of the hills.  While you're there, you will probably see tiny picture in the rocks of Mt. Rubidoux, which is of Jesus Christ. 

Mount Rubidoux has changed in design a lot since I first saw it with my mom and dad back in the late 50's..  The western slopes were once heavily treed.. All of the trees died off and then the little picture of Jesus on the rock changed.. Now is that spooky or what?


hmmm.. I don't know, I have been there and I don't see anything. exactly how late at night?

around 3am... I use to live down the street..and would always hear little kids playin or cryin, especially in the rain. I lived on Wallace St in Rubidoux.

wow for real and i live right next to mt.rubidoux im
gonna have to see this someday :]

Lived in MoVal for almost 9 yrs now and go to the Riverside Cemetery on occasion, But have never managed to make it to Mt.Rubidoux. Maybe it's cause I don't think I'll make it to the top and end up at the hospital
But I would really be interested in checking this out.

I went to Mount Rubidoux yesterday. The mountain is strange, geologically speaking, but that's about it. And, the "tiny picture" of Jesus isn't really a tiny picture that "appears to be Jesus Christ" it IS a stone portrait about a foot or two high, of Jesus. It is part of what looks like a (fake) tomb that is built at the north-base of the mountain, just across from the Dog Park.

This is all bs I live in the mountain

O_o You live IN the mountain? I read that correctly? Lol

BS my ass ive been there three times and have never experianced anything myself,but one night my in-laws decided to go walk the mountain,while there they were taking some pics of each other and then left.they returned home later that night and the next morning i was scanning through the pics and noticed alot of orbs ok big deal but the next pic was shocking and crazy it was a pic of my mother n law standing and right next to her there were two people sitting next to her and they were transparent or see through one was an over weight male wearing a t-shirt and u can even see a design on his shirt,the other was a female with her legs bended and it appears shes trying to scare people by removing her face and you can see her skeletal face,dont believe me?well if only u new me i can show u the pic and i would love to show it to a paranormal team to see what they think.

I am a member of a paranormal team. You can post that photo here or email it to me at : [email protected]

Mt. Rubidoux ..... is my friend, I have walked, jogged, biked up every way you can (even most of the dirt trails). The Luiseno Indians called it "Pachappa" and was considered sacred ground to them. Millionaire Frank A. Miller (also owned the Mission Inn until the 1920'2) is responsible for it's development, including the "Peace Tower" Part Castle/bridge/dungeon built around 1925, his decendants later donated the land to Riverside .... who made it into a very cool park.
There are lot's of stories about pagan rituals, devil worship ... even human sacrifice .... FROM THE PAST, all happening at the peak .. one rock is still called the sacrificial rock.
The park has been know for ghostly apperitions from time to time, but mostly for the shadow figures, seen mostly around the peak (by the rock). there is a group of local folk who give their time to clean, repair, and patrol the mountain .... many have seen the shadow figures .. a few have seen, after dark, around the Tower, what look like one or two people strolling the path ... and then they just vanish. I know several of these people, and trust them ... not just a ghost story

My husband and I would be very interested in getting together and meeting others who investigate paranormal happening. I've been dealing with things my whole life. Would be interesting to get a different take on what others think.

You can post your experiences here by clicking "submit new story". There are a few paranormal groups that monitor this website, including a group that I belong to.

my daughter and I can be found at "The Animal Crew Photography" page in facebook. We have recently started to investigate paranormal activity.

Since i was little i can remember walking up the mt and touching the cross and I have NEVER once seen this portrate that people talk about and I have spent a majority of my life at the mountian and I believe that something is going on and when i was little i never like to go to the mountian and when i would go i would cry and i guess how little kids can sence bad things i can say it was one of those sences casue till this day i can still feel the pain of walking and being scared because i felt something when i was up there. My bestfriend and I would go and walk and once we heard something behind us and when we turned around there was nothin, it was by the cross on that balcony that is there and it scared us cause we were the only ones that were up there at the time. /: i would also like to see  the photographs if it is possible. My email is [email protected] if it were ppossible to see those photo graphs because i would like to see if it brings anything back from the memories,

I would like to see the pic from mt rubidoux if you mind

I am a life long resident of Riverside and often ride Mt. Rubidoux late at night. Always strange shadows as well as the common small rocks falling into the trail in front of me as I make my way up the hill. The folklore goes the rocks are thrown by small troll type people to ward off visitors at night. The most unsettling thing I had ever witnessed there was when I rode up on on a full moon midnight mass of at least 300 people complete with A man preaching to the crowd at the very top sandy area at the giant steps.

the devil lives in me.... I LOVE IT ....

Sure he does..

Yea we all know the devil pops you in the 2 hole

i lived in rubidoux all my life i jog the mt. every weekend i have never heard of it being haunted thats interesting

I lived in riverside my entire life and since i was little i can always remember hearing stories about the mt being haunted and once when i was with my aunt walking up the mountian i heard her say that in the tower at night you can see a little green light at the bottom of the tower but when you look all you see is two wooden doors with a lock. I also have heard that linking from the catacombes to the mt is a city called midget vill and thats where the doors lead.? From the mountian to the cemetar, to the mission inn is where it alll leads and it all goes to doweny.

they arent ghosts its just the bums from rubidoux lol

Would love to go up the mountain at night with a few people who are intrested in cheaking these sightings out themselves. Or even with a paranormal team. I have lived in riverside my whole life . I also have been up the mountain several times during the day. If someone would be intrested in going at night or a paranormal team would have me along that would be great. My email is [email protected] . Thanks

Me and my group are interested in joining you, what time, day or location would you like to meet at? Just email me your answer at [email protected]

I have a paranormal team let's check it out...mount Rubidoux

Did u find n e one

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I've been there several times like around 2 to 4 in the morning but I've never seen anything paranormal

Hey, I just went down to Mt. Rubidoux and they were not allowing people to go up. They said a man fell off the mountain and he was there for 1 week. A lady or man was walking and their dog was smelling something and went towards the man. I really go there everyday to take a walk and now, i am like no it could not be closed. it is my favorite place to go.

I've been going there 3x a week and get through no problems I was there the day the man was found

Yes...a man was hiking and went off trail and somehow got wedged in a rock in a way that he could not be seen or heard from the path.
Another man was walking with his dog who kept pulling and he finally went to investigate. The man and dog even got some kind of award for helping.
Love a happy ending :D

how do you live in the mountain yet youre on the internet? if youre so poor to live in a mountain then idk how you can afford a phone/computer or wifi. dumbo.
ive never really had a ghost experience up in mt.rubidoux?

Hey!!!.... I been on Mt Rubidoux at night like around 7 till they closed... MY story goes like this...A couple of friends and I decided to hike up the Mt. at night as to get rid off our boredom...So as we walk up right around the little first bridge ... I then turn around proud of how far i gotten...once i looked back...Then i see a white silhouette like a person but just from the thighs and up i didn't see no legs and i actually saw the arm motion when your walking swinging up and down...I Got frighten and ran in front of my friends and so did my other friend who saw me ran.
Now i feel relieve that there was a cemetery there that would explain a ghost sighting.

Omg we had a similar experience but with some kind of humming noise coming from it along with some kind of vail also our time was closer to 10 pm in the winter time. To the date we question our selves if what we saw and ex experienced was true. Your post validates our sighting. Certain family members just don't believe us.

Amazing!!! The cool thing is it was right behind me. :o True my friends didn't believe me either but we all ran with fear on our way down. The wind whistling loud made the scene even spookier. Too bad they don't let people in no more at night. :/

That's the reason I Googled this thing because I always go around 9pm or 10pm up the hill. I never get scared but this time was different. I barely started at the bottom of the trail and I looked to the top rocks of the mountain and a white looking thing was moving fast along the rocks.

Now, I know how the roads wined down so there's no way it was a jogger because there's no path along the rocks where this thing was moving. After a while of moving along the rocks it disappeared. I still went up but a little more scared. I still do it but I know now I experienced something paranormal.

Omg I live right next to the mountain and I shall have go in at night but I'm scared to. You should post up pictures man or if there's any let me nw so I can see. omg I'm not going to want to go over there any more and if you live at the mountain you are CRAZZYYY

i live next to the mountain and go up every few days only at night. i geel at peace up there. i took my aunt up there the other night and she freaked out because at the top we took pictures at the cross then the flag and on the way back down by the wooden bridge. all except the cross i got picture of orbes. bright red and white orbes then in one i got a giant black orbe. i still love going up there i will always have a sence of peace on mt rubidoux.

Too bad she's not smart enough to understand that 'orbs' are nothing more than dust or pollen in the air.
PS it's SENSE, not SENCE ..and there is no E in orb..

You my friend are officially a dickhead. Who cares if they spelled something wrong? Take your 'Grammar Nazi' mannerism out of here you jerk!

There is a difference between a 'grammar nazi' correcting every little misuse of a quotation mark, and someone pointing out 3rd grade level spelling errors.
He might be a dickhead, but he's kinda right.

Oh please. We all understood what the comment meant. We don't need a grammer Nazi like you to correct every little thing. Find something better to do. Too bad your not smart enough to realize you have nothing more than dust and pollen for brains.

I would go up the mountain every single night around 6pm to 8pm and alot of times 9pm to 11pm and I have never seen anything strange and I would go by myself.

Yoo I seen something in mt. Rubidoux I was just up there and I saw white shadows and a indian looking person walking up with a head shaped figure on his hand idk I Didn't believe at first but now Im actually questioning the theory of it being haunted do not go up there at night!!!!

There's a basketball court underneath the flag pole. You can hear them playing. Enter thru the Mission Inn catacombs.

I always thought I was crazy I never knew there was a trail until my friend took me up their late one night on the way down around 1 or 2 am I heard keys dangling behind me I turned around and found nothing so I continued down the path I heard the keys again and felt like I was being watch I turned around and saw nothing but I spoke I said I know your here I get it you want to be heard I know your here then I proceeded down the path only difference they noise stoped

The best place in Riverside.
Enjoy it while you can!!!!!

Any pictures of weird things y'all people seen in mount rubidoux????

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