Ghost Stories in Fontana / Rancho Cucamonga

At Fontana's Etiwanda Intermediate School, In the old auditorium, next to what is now a cafeteria, there is a narrow staircase leading up to an upstairs dressing room.....The room contains one window and you will sometimes catch a glimpse of a young Indian girl standing at that window......The story states that this young girl of the 70's committed suicide by hanging herself and was found when someone of the staff spotted a body hanging through the window.....Like the body we saw hanging once from the over pass of the railroad bridge at Red Hill....When we turned around it ws not there....Or was it?

On Foothill Boulevard in Fontana, between Cherry and Citrus, a young man will appear wearing a striped shirt and carrying a long stick.. The ghost then crosses the street right as cars approach. When the car hits its breaks, the ghost of the man disappears.. Witnesses also claim to see the ghost walking along the right side of the road... He has a black dog at his side... Now wait a minute, I thought this was just a homeless dude who was always walking down Foothill towards the Hardware store.. Now Its a ghost....When did that happen?

At the Mango Elementary school in Fontana, there is a tree and they say a little girl used to clime on it every day. One day she got mad at her parents and she went to the tree and then when she was on it she fell off the tree.. I don't know if she was injured, killed or what but the kids at the school say that if you touch the tree you get the demon feeling.. I don't know what that is.. The demon feeling?  Does that mean they all feel need to be little demons....I had better be careful, here I am making fun of ghosts.

There seem to be an unusual number of haunted schools in Fontana....Could it be something about the old Kaiser Steel Mill? At the Mary B. Lewis Elementary in Fontana, the haunting take place between 11pm and 4am... You can hear footsteps when there is nobody there and in the bathrooms for both boys and girls you can hear the distinct sound of a toilets overflowing and even a conversation going on when both the bathrooms are locked... There are loud bangs in the night and the whispering and the strange feeling of another presence is felt... Yeah, lots of other presents, in the guise of lots and lots of poop.

At the Fontana Tokay Elementary school there are sounds of a dead construction guy working away on through the night... I wonder why only at night?

And last but not the least is the Red Blooded Haunting Of Sequoia Middle School.. In an area by the lunch tables there sits a little girl crying bouncing a ball... She'll ask you to play with her and if you say no she will start to cry and blood will begin to flow from her mouth, nose and eyes and then she will start to follow you, until you run screaming from the school yard.. This happens at sun set when there are no employees.. Does it matter that there are no employees, or was one of the employees the cause of her death, hummmm?


Etiwanda Intermediate is in Rancho Cucamonga (in the area formerly known as Etiwanda) not in Fontana

Ive lived right behind Seqouia for years and i use to visit the school when i was younger to run and always passed through the middle of the school before sunset and even dark i have never encountered a little girl with a bouncing ball.

I went to the seqouia one night with some friends to check it out. We heard a class room door slam open and partially close. When we went to look the door was still open. Then right after the school alarm went off. We walked out the school and as soon as we got onto the street the police was there. As far as the little girl goes, we didn't see her.

i have seen the man with the striped shirt lots of times. always crossing the street, always with a bad dog. nothing creepy about it... because i lived in san diego and port hueneme and would come back to fontana to see family. never really thought about it, but just once i realized that every single time i come down foothill at night past cherry and citrus i would always ALWAYS see him crossing. interesting...

The Mary B. Lewis one is all BS...I live right behind the school and went there from K to 6th grade and nothing like that has never happened...No one died there or anything...

I went to Mary Lewis School in the 1950's we lived on Frankfort Ave, Behind the school, only about 5 houses from the back fence.

I too never heard anything about any haunting, this was 50 years ago, you can't tell what might have happened since.

The only story I ever heard was Mary B Lewis was a student run over by a school bus, so the school was named after her. I don't recall if this was at the school or at another school. If I recall correctly at that time MBL was a part of the defunct Bloomington Unified School District, which apparently merged with Colton Schools.

Things were so very different there long ago, there is little to compare the school now and then. I also attended Bloomington Jr. High School in a building which is no longer there. Obviously there have been many many people who went through the halls of Mary B Lewis School since then... So who knows. My feelings on ghosts are you have to see one to believe it, if you haven't seen one you will not likely believe.

A women who grew up in the neighborhood, before many of these houses were built (Frankfort to Evergreen), shared that Mary B Lewis was hit right infront of the school. I don;t know if the school was re-named or what, Unfortunately, that woman's memory isn't as good as it used to be,

The story about Mary b. Lewis... The girl they named the school after wasn't kill in front of the school she was actually hit several blocks away near valley...the only girl that was hit happened when I attended school there in the early 90's and she lived only her legs were run over by a bus. Her name was thelma and I remember seeing her in Jr.high with the scars on her legs.

so true, some people have to see it to believe it or experience it to believe it..some do and some don't. You just cant rely on rumors..I know what I heard for years and what I've seen for years has made me a believer!

MARY BERYL, LEWIS. BORN JUNE 13, 1933, DIED JANUARY 10,1947 at Valley and Alder while waiting for the school bus with her brother and a younger neighbor girl, the little girl dashed into the street right infront of a oncoming big truck, Mary B. Lewis bravely ran to the littlle girls aid,and pushed out of harms way . As Marys brother standing right there watching his sister bravely SAVE this little girls Life, And to sacrifice her own to do so." --- Hero's are far and few ,viewed from the shoulders of Giant's, Mary is the smallest of a Giant Hero I've ever kown. God bless her. I would have like to have had the Honor, and good fortune, to have kown Mary Beryl Lewis. She was servied by five siblings. Mary was the first of six children.

BS!!..I lived behind Mary B for 20 years!..I have heard the swings myself!..I've heard the voices in the girls bathroom myself when I went there. Just because you never experienced it don't mean it hasn't happened!

I have seen the guy with the striped shirt! Oh my lord, I thought that he was just some guy!
The little girl is not true, two girls I know go to that school, and they have never seen her! Ever!

So because the two people you know who go there have not seen her, it means that she does not exist?

Foo you never knw and that story is true i went there, and you have to see to belive then go at mid-night and tell me that sh*** ain't trueee

Thee Guy With The Striped Shirt is Definaltly Trueee , My Dad Has Seen Him Beforee Aroundd 2 AM .

i use to attend sequoia middle school & i never saw her until one night, when the sun was down, i went with a group of friends. it was a group of 3 girls, and me. we all went because we wanted to really see if it was real or not. we wanted to investigate. so we went and jumped the fence. we hung out in the middle of the quad under the roof top thing were the benches were. then when we were about to leave, outta nowhere a sudden wind burst outta nowhere! we were scared, & were like "wth?" we just figured it was the weather, we didnt let no dam "wind" scare of us off. in the quad, a red ball rolled out from underneath this little tree in the lunch area. but no girl. the gym is haunted though. the bathrooms creak & the lights flicker. it was always scary 2 use them. & there's ropes that hang frm the ceiling, but never touched nor used. at times, when ur in p.e. class, u sometimes see it swing even though there's no wind or anything possibly touching it. so idk bout the little girl, but we left. we only stayed for half n hour. who knows wut could of happened if we stayed longer at got the ball.....

That Story is True My Girlfriend and i went nd we that scar thee Sh**** out of us and the ropes in the gym i havn't seen them but my friends say that they do move by themselfs ima check next time i go ?

im really siked to see a ghost i just hope one doesnt take a visit at my house tho...i really really wanna see the ghost wit da striped shirt crossin da street bcus i live so so close to there...

Does anyone know of a little girl crying in the restroom at South Tamarind Elementary school in Fontana?

Oh my goodness I remeber hearing that when I was a little girl going there! I use to hear it nd go in there to see who it was but I. Never seen anyone. I just figure there were other kids just playing around this was in the 1996.

haha that was fake, it was only the sink that was broken. i went there, and me & my friends would always believe that but it's fony.

Me and group of friends went in that restroom and we all heard a little girl crying no joke and we saw a little girl on the field by the trees

I grew up in Etiwanda and went to Summit Elem, Etiwanda Intermediate and Etiwanda High School all are located in Etiwanda/Rancho not Fontana by the way. There was NEVER anything that happened at any of the schools of haunting's. I have been in the OLD GYM that is the red brick building many many times when I was younger at night for dances and games and never saw or heard anything about an Indian girl or any girl dying there. There were a few houses I do know hearing about as a kid that were haunted but I think both houses were torn down. Just FYI...

It's frigging hilarious how etiwanda residents can't stand to be associated with ghetto Fontana. It's all good though... You're still ghetto funk IE there etiwanda kids!!!
But I'm pretty sure the Indian girl ghost sightings occur at chaffey high school and not schools in etiwanda.

I think the guetto person is you for posting such childish comments, who cares where the schools are really located, they are just stories

And you took the time to respond.

And you spelled ghetto wrong too....


I find the storie of the man crossing the street disturbing because back when I was in school I had a friend who's dad got killed on foothill in between cherry and citrus crossing the street. I'm not sure the year he died but when I heard of this was in 8th grade the yr 1997

Last night I was watching Extranormal on Azteca TV. They are Ghost Hunters like on SyFy (formerly Sci FI after Comcast Bought NBC Universal), but Latino. They do investigations in So-Cal and Mexico. They did series of investigations in LA last season.

They have a video clip which is available on the internet posted in February or January 2012 which was sent in from Portugal.

It shows a street surveillance camera in which things appear normal, after they run it a few times it becomes clear that an attractive young woman walking down the street talking on her cell phone is a ghost. Why? She walks right through a tree and keeps going. They replay it several times on the streaming video if you get a chance to look at it. The gal appears normal and attractive to boot, but she walks right through a tree.

I mention this because it is so similar to the man crossing the street, I haven't seen anything like this before, but as surveillance increases we are finding more examples.

Check it out, it is under troublesome ghosts near the end of the video, someone sent it in from Portugal, it is after the street seen in which shadow people cross the street on another surveillance camera. You can translate the Spanish Web page using google translate to read the headers.

I wanna say that story is older than that about the man on foothill..ive heard about it when I was a kid and im 43!!

This comment has been moved here: Truman Middle School in Fontana

Im always driving by foothill after a midnight shopping at wal-mart but i never seen a guy with a stripe shirt walking, hopefully ill do someday lol

Start at foothill and cherry and drive toward sierra. You should see him. He might be real, just a wandering person, with a habit of jaywalking every time I would pass by....

I have seen him! a friend and I were driving in that area late at night. and I saw him walking with a long stick with a black dog by his side.
I lost sight of him for a few seconds and then suddenly I saw him stepping off of the curb
and starting to cross the street directly in the path of our oncoming car.
I yelled to my friend who was driving "Look out!" and thought we were going to hit him. I did not hear any thud. but he disappeared at that point and my friend not seeing him asked me "whats the matter? " when I yelled look out. I chalked it up to being Really Tired and thought I was seeing things. this was about 7 years ago BTW. he had black hair. and what I saw of his face, his eyes had large black circles around them may be his eyes were that huge IDK. but when he was near light I did get a glimpse of his face. he kind of looked sort of like tom cruse when he was very young. I'd say he looked to be about 23 or so. handsome face except those eyes.

Yea I seen his face a few times. Dark black under his eyes like he was real tired or maybe hadn't slept in a long time. Nothing scary about him from what I remember but I have seen him more than once since I first started driving back in the 90s.

i go to etiwanda intermediate ...................

i do too.....

redwood school is haunted, the girls restroom

I've heard that Date Elementary in Fontana is also haunted. They've seen a little boy walking between the south side of building between staircase/wall with a ball or by where the tables are. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Thank you

I've also heard that Upland was built on an old Indian burial ground.. There are a few haunted houses there, the scariest one I know of is on Washington Ave and 11 th. Ave on north side of street. I know someone who's cousin lived there and that the basement has an evil presence in it! You don't even have to go downstairs, just standing at the door is enough to give you goosebumps and make you want to walk out the door.

If anyone knows ANYTHING about any one of these two I'd sure appreciate some Info.

Hey I heard that too, about some houses in Upland that are haunted I don't know where (street names) but I got that info from a realtor when I was looking into houses in that area, she said that there's about three for sure, every time they sell one the families always quickly move out within the year, and they are sold at the moment or else she would have showed me one, maybe I would have bought it, for cheap that is. If anyone knows more please tell.

I Have Heard Screaming At Seqouia At Night But It Came From A House Right Next To The School, They Even Have A Pet Sheep So It Coulda Been The Sheep, Or The Crazy Girl Who Lives There Called Loca Loca, Or Desiree, Shes Crazy And Has A Red Ball, With A Bunch Of Barking ugly Ass Muts. If She Pops Out And Tells U To Play With Her, Better Run Cause Her Ass Would Probably Chase You And Tell You that Her Daughters In Ballet Class....

So they're not ghosts or spirits, but real people just a lil loco? Sick!

when I was in 6th grade I went to Mango Elementary school in 2003 a man snuck into the school and hung himself with his belt. He was going to jail for molesting a little kid.

Everything true and that guy with that stripe shirt i seeen him many times and i tried talking to him but he didnt answer and then when he turned around my friend i ran as fast as we can . I got e.i.s (Etiwanda Intermediate School) and is in Etiwanda thats why its e.i.s but its close to fontana .......

oh..hell. No!

I go to EIS and that story is not true. What really happened is that a little girl always wanted to be in this one room that is now the cafeteria.She went up hoping that no one saw her then she hears footsteps and she falls down the stairs and twisted her neck.She is now known as the little Indian girl. I have seen her. She looked scared.

The little Indian girl story isn't real. I go to EIS. I asked one of the teachers that tells the story every year if the girl was real, and he said, "Just keep it between you and me, but no."

yea, its all real!..i can still hear those swings still ringing in my head like it was yesterday!

the house I grew up in backyard faced the school yard of Mary B Lewis El...around 12pm- 1am you could hear the swings as if there was kids playing on them. When my mom would check to see who was out there, not a soul in sight and the swings would be happened almost every night. We lived there for 21 years!. For all I know it still could be in the middle of summer with no wind and you still heard those swings!!

I attended EIS in 2001-03 and can say that idk about any girl dying, and i never saw a "ghost" BUT my entire musical theater class and teacher experienced strange unexplainable phenomenon almost DAILY in the cafeteria. Stage lights going crazy, sound playing and stopping and strange noises when NO ONE was in the control room. It was downright creepy and some of the kids ( me included) would he really upset. We wasted so much time in class trying to ignore it and fix things and eventually my teacher (blonde lady, cant remember her name!) sat us down after a particularly eventful day and told us she couldn't explain it, that he knew it was scary and she believed it was a ghost but we had work to do so try to be brave and "the show must go on" :/
Ill never forget it though. There is absolutely something happening there. Also that staircase and girls dressing room is effing scary and strange and id always get the worst feeling there.


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