House of 1,000 Stairs in Redlands

But then, when is a ghost not wanting to haunt you one might ask. The Redlands area is one of those still small communities that seem to hold that small town charm except when it comes to being haunted. In that respect, the community is over populated.

Among the more famous Haunted homes is the Barton Road Mansion. A sinister looking place with a sinister prescience, usually on the third and fourth floors seems to be where most activity occurs. Closet doors push open cold temps wash over you, and when exiting the Mansion, a figure can be seen watching you walk down stairs from the third floor. Some visitors have witnessed a demonic face watching them and can be seen coming from a closet that suddenly opens. At certain points in Barton Road Mansion you feel watched, and not welcome and you feel most relieved to leave

According to some, the Fox Theater is also very haunted. The presence that resides there is reportedly a very violent one. The building has been boarded up for about 10 years and now it's being renovated. The building it's connected to was once an opera house when Redlands was first founded. Maybe one of the jealous actresses is still wandering about. Perhaps a jilted lover?

Redlands House of 1000 Stairs might look like thisHarris department store? Yes, even Harris is reportedly haunted. In the women’s dressing room, it is said that patrons while changing clothes have heard women talking and late at night just as the store is closing, heavy footsteps can be heard on the roof. Reportedly, a security guard was sent up to the roof to check for peepers, but found nothing.

At the Redlands Hillside Cemetery, which is the oldest cemetery in the area with interments dating back to the mid late 1800's. Many people have reported strange happenings such as car horns honking by themselves, lights blinking and even balls being thrown back over the walls after somebody has thrown them in. You have to be brave to do that. At least I would.

The House of 1,000 Stairs

There is a home in Redlands called the House of 1,000 Stairs. It is a large house with 100 stairs`outside and 900 stairs inside. The stories say that nuns haunt the place, as it was once a convent. A new family has moved in after remodeling and I guess they have not felt or heard anything unusual in the house. Of course after walking up all of those stairs I would be to tired to care if I heard anything or not.

At Redlands Mariposa Elementary school, back in the late 50's or early 60's, a little boy named Billy was hit by a school bus. He was immediately taken to the nurse's office where he died. As he was dying, he expressed his desire to get back to school. Legend says that if you knock on the nurse's door, he will knock back or you will hear him walking in the room. Sometimes he will want you to play with him on the playground, but if you refuse, he will pick on you. Morey Mansion in Redlands: This lovely mansion was once a bed and breakfast, but it is now under private ownership. Apparently for good reason as many of the visitors to the Bed and Bread complained to the then owners of several apparitions including a little girl, an old man, who was once a caretaker for the mansion and a young boy has been seen. and although most sightings seemed friendly in nature they still scarred off most of the clientele At Prospect Park on the outskirts of Redlands is reputed to be haunted by several different ghosts. Many people have sighted ghostly figures up on the stage and behind the stage area. Years ago, a teenage girl that performed in one of the plays, was raped & murdered after theater hours in the exact place that her appreration is reportedly seen. Redlands, is considered by many to be the ultimate modern Ghost Town. The majority of the houses in Redlands are very old and Victorian in architecture, especially on the far South side of the city. There are many stories of haunted houses and ghost there. Redlands is also supposed to be one of the highest ranking cities for devil worshipers. Just what we need. Devil Worshipers and Ghost Hunters all in one small community.


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