Haunted Houses

Haunting in Rancho Cucamonga at Castlegate

 Ok so I once lived in a house in Castle Gate (Castlegate). Now I have spoken to the current owners and they claim it is still haunted. I once lived there and went through hell. I just made an award winning short film about the house recently. I am curious has anyone heard of that neighborhood or heard of that area being haunted? 

Terror Maze in Riverside

Oct.26 And Oct.31 Dusk Til 10Pm free haunted house and canned food drive! fresh made cotton candy will also be sold! donations to help build next year bigger and better also welcome!

For more info see the list of haunted houses in the Inland Empire page.

Friends Of The CID Haunted House

Friends of the CID Presents

Haunted House

October 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, and 31st


Adults 12+........$8

Children 4-11....$6

Under 3........Free

Family Pack

5 People only $25

(2 Adults and up to 3 children)

We Offer A Choice

Full Scare - Half Scare - No Scare

Creepy Places for Photo shoots

I am a photographer and I am looking for some creepy looking/abandoned places to do photo shoots for my models. The Halloween season is coming soon and these are some busy months for me. I have already done Hillside Cemetery in Redlands and caught some pretty interesting things. So please let me know some cool locations!!!

Haunted Bar

From 1933 to 1987, my business was known as Chatfield Bar. It is located in Southwest Detroit, Michigan. I acquired the Bar in 1987 and renamed it Sidekicks Saloon. For 26 years we have gone through a lot of changes and families, therefore, I'm not surprised at all over the extra energy we have hanging around especially at closing time. When a regular patron expires, they find a way to let us know their still around. I am not scared of them and they seem to leave us once they have found peace in their new surroundings. I have taken care of two of my regular customers until they died.

2013 Haunted Houses in the Inland Empire

 This is our list of the best haunted houses for Halloween 2013.  We will keep this list as updated as best as possible, but unforutnatly that means many haunted houses won't be added to the list until only days before Halloween.  

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