Ghost Stories


Somewhere in the great Salton Basin, or the Laguna Salada or the delta of the Colorado River, lie the bones of an ancient ship stranded hundreds of years ago seen now and again by desert wanderers or by Indians. That is one of the most persistent legends of the far Southwest. There is every reason to believe that such a ship does or could exist.

Ghostly Mules on the tracks in the Cajon Pass

If you have ever been up in Blue Cut on old highway 395, late at evening, sometimes you can hear the baying of mules or horses. Of course when you look around to see where the noise is coming from a Big UP quartet will come roaring around the cut and the noise will disappear or fade away.

In 1898, a Santa Fe Engineer heading north from the devore area into a heavy fog and snowfall thought he saw mules on the tracks ahead of him. He jammed on the brakes in hopes of not hitting the animals but failed to stop in time. He got down from his 2442 and walked to the front of the train.

The Woman In black who saved my mom.....

WOMEN IN PIONEER BLACK DRESSWhen my mom was a bout 12 she came down with a sickness that dam near killed her but in today's medicine world it would have been considered a nuisance cold. But back then Colic was deadly especially during the depression when people didn't have access to money or doctors for that matter.

Strange things go bump in the night at Riversides oldest cemeteries.

Add in some shadowy figures, ungodly screams, guns shots heard in the middle of the night and no one around and fresh footprints on head stones in the morning is enough to make any ghost hunter happy.

But it seems that several graveyards have their share of ghostly apperations. Recently ghost hunters visited Colton's Agua Mansa Cemetery to investigate some recent activity. One grave site was of great interest to them. The grave was marked only by a splintered wooden cross leaning on its side in the knee high grass.

Go get dad...The trailer wont stop shaking.

The following story comes from the Lake Hemet area and I wont say that it was I that was involved, but Suffice it to say that the young ladies involved swear to this day that they felt the ground start shaking in what they thought was an earthquake, not at all uncommon in southern California as well know. Trouble is, the trailer wouldn't stop shaking.

The girls were sitting near the front door of the trailer which was a 30 footer 5th wheel type. Quite elegant cheap for its day, but still nice enough to camp out at your favorite campground.

Say goodnight Denise, I'm going back to sleep now....

When I was about ten a good friend of mine, actually I considered her to be my first girl friend, Denise became ill with a strange and deadly disease known as cancer. she was only 11 and it just seemed strange for to see her so sick.

Her mother eventually told my mom that Denise had Ovarian cancer, and this being the late 1950's, there was nothing the doctors could do for her.

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